@F3theMutt #Blender PreBlast @f3louisville

Happy First day of Spring 😐

Looks like Mother Nature is doing some thangs that she shouldn’t be doing tomorrow ….So I’ve scrapped my original Weinke and decided to do some thangs that we probably shouldn’t be doing. Not CSAUP….but maybe close. I’m saving the real CSAUP for my birthday Q 4/14.

It will be 34 and snowing in the gloom. Should be pretty. Please bring gloves. Coupons are cold and heavy when it snows. And please dress for the occasion. It’s spring!! Cmon PAX. Act like it. Let’s dress for it – even if Momma Nats is taking crazy pills.

Also, my M was out of town this morning. My F3 brain told me to let my oldest 2.0 Hansel – babysit 2.1 and 2.2 while he sleeps……sounds reasonable….But my boring brain took over, and told me to skip. Loser.

So I’m a HC for the pre – Ruck, and looking to make up for lost time when I Q.

Zartan – do you have an extra rick plate? Or do I just throw some kitty litter in the ol Barcelona backpack?

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