Extender Backblast 4.12.18 @f3themutt

Got back from Spring break and did all the normal things normal people do:

1. Check Louisville Weather to determine what gearlander I needed for the upcoming week. Assuming tights and 3 layers of fleece. But thought I’d check anyway.

2. Replant the extender flag in my yard. Felt good!

3. Check the Google Q calendar

4. Look at snail mail, and company e-mai…..wait! There’s no Q for the Extender? There’s also an 8am conference call…but that’ll have to wait.

5. Get on Slack muttcomz to see what happened

As we all know… The Russian bots tried to sabotage the extender. Both the real Trump, and the F3 Trump keep complaining about Russian interference in our domestic policies… And unfortunately, F3Louisville is no exception. Do something boys!

I put a ghost Q on the calendar to hold the spot. I heard back draft offered to step up in a pinch. No surprise. HIM. Zartan did too… No surprise HIM. But I was feeling frisky… and waited for some sort of sign about what to do. That sign came from captain in-sane-o pinging me with an idea about a diabolical plan that he was giddy about. Here’s an excerpt

Did CI just question if I was a maniacal sadist?? Umm reverse psychology still works on me bud. I’m in. It’s sick. It’s twisted. It’s zero Weinke work, and it’s haaaaaaard. Done. Go ahead and run from the O. The mutt with rabies is waiting…..

But I’m a good guy. And a lazy……err efficient guy. So I copied and pasted the O preblast and launched it onto tweeter. I also checked with the Mutt hierarchy. Digiorno was Still sitting on a bag of peas and thought it was a great idea. Especially since he did not have to do it. Mad cow thought it was a great idea, but said he was doubtful due to a 10 PM soccer game….. which is code for I hate running. I’m assuming mouth read the pre-blast and said no thanks. Glen Ross thought it was a great idea and said he would actually come! OK. We are doing this!

But then I got another ping from a HIM I respect a great deal.

OldBay is one of the fittest dudes at le Mutt. If he was questioning it……then I was questioning it. But it’s supposed to hard right? And we don’t get up for………(you said it in your head-didn’t you?) I knew he was in. Plus – as you can see he will do anything if you put Helmet on the playlist. Plus he gave me an idea. Tunes always makes burpees better. Thanks for the idea OB!The burpee bullpen was bumpin in the gloom! I Caught Ozone (FNG Tuesday-3rd post in a row! Woof!) Wham-o and Sump Pump doing some version of the worm when Chance the Rapper came on. Whatevs (as CI says- they’re doing something. That’s all that counts)


I could not pull off the mini CI outfit. But I was happy to only have to throw on the indigo blue 9 inch Nike dry fit shorts, the free yellow Saint X basketball longsleeve swaggy dry fit shirt, Footies, Saucony’s, and a good attitude.

So here’s who did the thang













Old Bay





Sump pump




Called out Randos on the spot for COP exercises



Cherry pickers

Something else

General stretching while I explained the pain

Basically do the two things you hate the most a lot. Specifically,

Do 💯 burpees

Run a mile

Do 50 burpees

Run a mile

No Mary. Go!

Larry Bird award goes to Old Bay and Busssssccccch. Dudes rooooolled. Stayed together and pushed. But it’s F3. We don’t really keep score… But we always pull for each other. Lots of that this morning. Cool to see. Some modified… some ran the wrong way….others ran 1.17 on their 1st mile…..one pax (fridge) got lost helping a lady find her dog Stella….that I’m hoping we didn’t scare away….2 pax near the 6 challenged each other to an AYG on the final stretch up maryHILL on mile 2…..so a typical Mutt morning. Special group. Many finished, and Everybody got better and got their asses kicked. Woof. So fun!

I wanna thank CI for the idea. You make this thing continue to be fun. And I’m certain you’re adding more friends than you’re losing. Count me in the plus column. And I apologize for not going as “Mutt CI”. I don’t own a hoorag (yet) and it was too early to sneak into Hansel’s room for one of his 37 neon tight fit under armor shirts. Next time. And Thanks to OB for the Tuneage idea. And thanks to the 19 other dudes for coming out to do something terrible with great guys who just wanna get better and do better. Oh. And my birthday Q is Saturday. If you’re still my friend afterwards….then I know we good. More later.


Prayers for Tigers colleagues, BackDraft’s 2.0’s check up, and for the family and young lady who was a victim of suicide. Talk to your kids. Talk to each other. Look out for everyone. Knock with your elbows!


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