Meeting recap – F3 outreach to homeless and Veterans

If I do this correctly, I will be linking to an earlier post regarding our F3 outreach to homeless and veterans. The most recent development was that yesterday four of us met after posh and brainstormed some additional ideas. Here are the notes from that meeting.  @Jitterbug, @Wapner, @Watt  , please a leave a comment if I left anything out.
At the bottom of this post is a set of  links to resources. All reading this feel free to click on one or two of those and see if something resonates.  If so, please leave a comment.  We will continue to identify future events and opportunities on Slack using  3ndf
Tweaks for next time we visit and distribute items to homeless:
– In addition to what we hand out from the coolers, bring a few old buckets with iced up waters to leave at the location.
– Also include, Non-perishables, e.g., granola bars.
– and Simple Hygiene items, e.g., baby wipes (Divide into sets of maybe 10 and put them in a sandwich bag to hand out)
Future considerations – more organization would be needed:
– Think about a food drive.
– Or clothing drive.
Organizations and websites.:
City Govt / Metro United Way – A next step will be to ask for an informal meeting with someone knowledgeable about ways to help the homeless in our community. We will go into this meeting asking an open-ended question — this is who we are, this is the start we’ve made and some folks in F3 would like to keep this going; what suggestions do you have? – Forgotten Louisville

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