Gentlemen of @F3Louisville- the September Ruck Event will be officially held Saturday September 22nd 6-10ishPM @ Iroquois Park!

This will be the next in a series of phenomenal events, and we hope that it will live up to expectations.  The event should cover all bases- a super-nerdy theme, carrying heavy stuff over several miles with some unique challenges built in, lots of entertainment, great photo opportunity, cool patch for completion, beer afterwards, a lot of 2nd F, and an opportunity to raise money/donate to a great cause.

Here is how the event will be structured:

– Jordy (Sean Griffin) and Snowman (Andy MacMillan) will be your Qdres for the event

– We will met at endex at 5PM for those wishing to clown car it to the event. Endex for this event will be Gravely Brewing at 514 Baxter Avenue, Louisville, KY 40204. Following the event, we will return to endex for beer and food truck tacos. Parking should be on the surrounding side streets, across Baxter Avenue, because I do not believe they will care too much for vehicles left there all evening in their small parking lot. If you wish to meet at the park, please arrive by 5:45PM at the tennis court parking lot. Address is 5200 New Cut Road. Please see hyperlink below Dropped Pin near 5205-5201 New Cut Rd, Louisville, KY 40214

– Start is 6PM sharp. Event will last 3-4 hours.

– Two man teams. Find a partner now or there, your choice.

– Each team will be carrying one heavy object in addition to your rucks. You will share the load, switching at ¼ mile or more intervals.

– Pack list:

o Ruck- weight is obviously up to you, scale to your comfort or skill level. But, standards will be 30lbs ruck if you weigh over 150lbs, 20lbs if under 150lbs.

o Hydration source- water bladder 3L or large bottle. Enough to last the 3-4 hours on the course.

o Late September weather gear. Weather should be somewhere between awesome and perfect. With that in mind, pants and a short sleeve shirt, maybe a windbreaker packed in case. Up to you.

o Head lamp.

o Reflective bands on your ruck and/or person.

o Body glide. Apply liberally.

o Tac Hat with empty spot for your awesome patch at completion (optional).

o Gloves, with grip (Mechanix or similar. Gardening gloves fine too).

o Phone or camera optional for photos.

o Can-do attitude (as CI always says).

This event’s fundraiser will benefit 21st Century, the organization which manages the Parklands, Floyd’s Fork Beckley, Turkey Run, and Broad Run.  Our parks system is something that we likely take for granted, but supports F3 almost every single by providing a lot of the space that make up our AOs. And yes, not everyone goes to the Poshlands, but it is a major AO and most guys have been there at least once. 21st Century is all donor-sponsored and is in the middle of their 2018 campaign. All funds raised will be made as a gift to 21st Century in the name of F3 Louisville. Below is the link to the Member Donor page. Please take a look, as several of those Donor levels sound awfully sexy with F3 in front of it…

In order to make this a little more interesting and to get some enthusiasm behind it, we are going to direct all funds or direct donations into a raffle account, as previously done by Starchild. Prize items are TBD, but will include a minimum a bottle of rare bourbon. Details on the fundraising and raffle will be sent out separately later this week. So lets get behind this effort to give back to some the parks that support our organization!

We are formally asking for HCs now so that we can get an accurate headcount. We want to get at least 6 teams of 2, but the more the merrier. So what do you say? It’s just a walk in the park…

SPECIAL NOTE: This is a rain or shine event, however, due to the nature of the items we will be carrying and the density of trees in Iroquois Park, high winds and/or lightning will postpone this event. First alternative date will be the following week Saturday September 29, same time and place.

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