Counter-Programming at The O This Thursday 8.30.18 Pre-Pre-Blast

I love that F3 Louisville is finally getting some major media recognition. I can’t wait to see the clip. T-Claps to Noxeema!! ‘Bout time they recognize.

If the WHAS piece gets 1 sad clown off the couch, and into the gloom, where we know he’ll get better (at everything) – then it’s a success. I am predicting scores of FNG’s as a result. Hell our neighborhood app thingy got 1 hit out of 3,000 blasts….and gave us Left Eye. So, I’m expecting big things….

I’m also encouraging all PAX to hit the Posh on Thursday. RedRoof had 27 for the cameras on Monday. Hit the over of 36 pax!! Make me pay GlennRoss. You can do it!

Comb your hair. Wear some pastels. Maybe some 7inchers. But A hard No to the ranger panty thang. Brush those teeth. And Who knows?? You may actually get on TV!! We’re talking Real TV!!! This is your chance to get “TV-er”

BUT–If you are more of a blue collar guy like YHC…….And you like to keep your head down, and get to work – then the O is your place. This is your chance to get more gooder.

So hit the Champagnery with the F3 Louisville Royal Family (and Napoleon Bonakilo) or come to Gerstles with YHC, and Glenn Ross. (Unless he flips…..nah. Glenn won’t flip)

It’s up to you. But remember. If you make the wrong choice….think about the consequences. Sometime next week, you may not have the ability to pause the DVR, and point out to your 2.0 that in fact–yes…..”that is my left calf you see in that plank!! It’s me. Look honey!!! It’s me!! I’m on TV!!”

I kid.

We’ve got Backdraft at St Al

We’ve got Emeritus Q Grinder at the Mutt

We’ve got Sadie at Shelby County

We got me at the O

Just get up and get better. And make us proud at the Posh!


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