10/15 Back Blast Black Ops – O

Great Monday morning to get the week started off right.  Also was the warmest part of the day at about 60 with no rain but wet ground.

Pax: PED (Q), Miyagi, Pork Chop, Pepperoni, Vincent (R), Peroni, Plumb Bob, Grinder, Backdraft, BUSCHHHH.

Started with a mosey around to the tennis courts for some COP:


Grass Grabers (15-IC)

Standing toe touch stretch

Downward Dog

Single leg dead lifts (10 each leg – SC) Stand on one leg with the other either off the ground or use as a kickstand in the back.  Bend down and touch the ground.

Single leg toe touches ( 10 each leg – IC)  Tap one heal on the ground in front, to the side and touch your toe in back using the other leg to support all your weight.  Sounds easy…

Thang 1:

Scout run around the Seneca running track.  Typical scout run except after the person completes their 10 count in their head they drop and do 2 BOYO’s.  When PAX catches they join.

Thang 2:

Everyone grabbed coupons and heads to large tennis court.  In groups of 3 one PAX farmer carries 2 coupons to other end of courts and Karaoke back.  One of the other two PAX is on their six  holding the other partners ankles by his head doing leg lifts.  The other PAX is throwing his legs down.  Once the farmer carry PAX returns everyone rotates positions.

Thang 3:

Dip time bomb on coupons. Went up to 7. Ouch!

Thang 4:

Jack Webb with Big Boys and American Hammers

Thang 5:

A few PAX called out exercises:

BUSCHHH – 50 SC Coupon Rows

Back Draft – 5 Catalina Wine Makers

Peporoni – 10 Coupon Squats

Miyagi – Scissors kicks 10-IC

Put away coupons, circled up for announcements and intentions.  Went home and started the day off right.



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