The Tank B.B. 10.17.18 @fpk4 ZooQ. No Gas Card. No Problem

No gas card. No problem. Backdraft and Gepetto provided the petroleum and clown car, while Tony Malito, WeEdWaCKeR, and the rest of the Tank PAX provided the fumes. 🤢

Kilo asked me to Q a while back, and I obliged. I’ll do anything for him. Plus..I get it. Changing seasons coupled with the New Fall fashion releases can cause a lot of confusion. I’d also heard rumors about the neon gear at The Tank getting a little out of hand. I assumed Kilo was looking to get the J-town boys looking good, and feeling good before Fall officially fell upon us. Lord knows he wasn’t looking for a hard workout. Cuz that’s not really in my repertoire.




Star child





Snow day

Tony malito


Aerobie R


Gepetto (mutt)


Backdraft (mutt)

Hot wheels



Gearlander – charcoal gray Gonia base layer, covered by my Swiss army vest that kilo is enamored with. Powder blue 7 inch inseams, saucony’s and neon yellow gloves. Gotta accent and have some flair. No need to have neon head to toe. Lesson 1.

I was waiting in my driveway for Backdraft and Petto at 5:09. BD got there at 5:10 and proceeded to take a couple of wrong turns, and a few correct turns….and we arrive at 5:29.49. Perfect. Precise. We actually could’ve gotten there earlier, but couldn’t find the flag. Oh. That’s right. No flag at the Tank. Umm. Ok. I won’t report you to RedRoof or anything like that kilo. You’re my guy. Roof won’t read this – so we good 👌


If you love SSH and/or Dora don’t come to any of my Q’s cuz ya ain’t gonna do either. Nothing against those that utilize the aforementioned exercises. It’s just that SSH’s hurt my feet, and when you have the attention span of a squirrel–Dora sorta … well- you get it. Ok. Done.


Mosey down to the parking lot. Lots of gas. Like lots. I’m in the front so all is good.


Downward dog , Achilles stretches

Mountain climbers IC

Prison cell merkin burpees IC. 6 count. HArd.

V ups

Mosey back to the grass. More gas and cries for help. Tony Malito rambling on about cottage cheese and cholosterum. 🤷‍♂️


My Q’s usually entail constant movement, lots of Thangs (see above) and some laughs. Sometimes.

Thang 1

Bear crawl across the field. 10 merkins. Crawl bear back. (Voice texting isn’t working. Sigh. Merkins translates to martians. Hope Nino adds a F3 translater app to WordPress as the new comzz guy. )

Mario across. 10 squats. Karaoke back.

One more set. Defensive Slides up. 10 bob Hurley’s. Mosey back.

Thang 2

Mosey to hill partner up. Cutlass picked me😃‼️ Then he told me to buzz off. He had someone else. Then I got weedwacked. Thankfully most of the gas was left down at cop.

P1 sprint up hill. 7 burpees

P2 planks. Or Bernie’s. Alternate. Descending burpee count until 0.

Thang 3

Power merkins. These are hard. Well, for me anyway.

P1 plank

P2 plank at 90 degrees with feet on p1 back.

P1 do amrap merkins. Some got 10. Some got 25. All got better. Most grunted. Flapjack repeato twice. Woof.


WeEdWaCKeR has heavy feet.

Thang 4

Chest and arms smoked. Let’s do legs. Mosey to steps. Partner up. Cutlass took me back, and all was swell in the gloom.

P1 hop up steps. 10 squats at top. Lunge down

P2 step ups aT bottom while you wait.

Flapjack and repeato

Thang 5

I didn’t wear lined athletic shorts for nothing. And I spotted picnic tables during my recon. Yeah. Ace and Gary time. It’s confusing and amazing to me how many of the F3 Louisville pax have yet to experienced these. Guess that’s my mission.

Partner up.

P1 on back. On picnic table. Waist at the end.

P2 grab p1 ankles. P1 drops head to ground for max ab burn and comes up. Tap p2 on the head. Continue amrap. Flapjack.

Then get on stomach. Waist at the end. Drop head to ground and come up extending arms like Superman. My abs still hurt. Do these the right way, and you’ll 🔥


Mosey back for some KILO’s. I asked who had done blimps? Most raised their hand. Well today, they got to experience kilos. I thought about this the night before while I was working on my meinke. Kilo is so shy, and lacks confidence. He’s just kind of a fly on the wall… Doesn’t say much. So I thought I would come up with an exercise to maybe help inflate his ego a bit. Just doing what I can to help the guy.

K 20 Knerkins

I 25 imperial walkers

L little baby crunches. Or little baby flutter kicks. I did both. I remember because kilo made fun of me. I thought, “hey wait a sec. looks like this is working. He’s being obnoxious and busting my balls. It’s working‼️” you’re welcome kilo.

O – outlaws. Lay on your six. Legs together. Big circles to the left. Big circles to the right.



Carlose’ called the six. And told us that he was on the front page of the Courier-Journal, and used to coach at moore high school. He did not coach Carlos hurt… So they named him Carlose’. He also knows my brother who hasn’t tried F3 yet. Maybe theres still a chance.

Star child gave me a makers mark 46 bow tie.

I mean. He has 0 feelings, yet he remembers to bring me a bow tie he got from buying 3 barrels of makers 46 last year on a whim. What a guy. And what a friend. Thanks SC.


Announcements, prayers, intentions, and a challenge to not complain for a week. I’m starting over after yesterday. I’m trying to get better. We all are.

Welp. I’m gassed. And I’m still sore. I’m either still outta shape after 18 months of F3…..or I actually Q’d a hard workout. 😔I know. I’m still outta shape. Oh well. Thanks for having me Kilo. Had a blast!


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