Come get the week started right with a good beat down at the O. Core will be worked but limited running.



Great way to start the week on a nice cool morning to work out.

PAX – Vincent (R), Blueprint, Plumb Bob, PED (Q)

Gave disclaimer and circled the track to the tennis courts.

Warm up – 20 of each IC, SSH, Grass Grabbers, Abe Vigoda. Runners stretch/touch toes, downward dog.

Thang 1 – 20 of each, big boy, v-up, LBC (IC), Gas Pumps (IC). Rinse and repeat again.

Thang 2 – All PAX got a coupon and we headed to the hill on the Ct.  Partnered up. Partner one did coupon curls (AMRAP) while partner 2 ran down the hill for 5 Burpees and came back to the top for the curls.  Repeated the same down the hill with at the top doing; downward plank, coupon squats, bench press.

Thang 3 – Headed back to the tennis courts.  Partnered up.  Partner one doing 100 Merkins, 200 squat jumps. Partner two is farmer carrying both coupons to side of 2nd tennis court and doing 10 SSH’s. Going back replacing partner one and continuing the count.

Thang 4 – Everyone quick pick; Vincent – various plank positions. Blueprint 15  American Hammer’s, Plumb Bob 15 Freddie Mercury’s, PED 10 Rosalita’s IC.

Went back to the flag and gave intentions.  Perfect way to start off the week. 


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