Backblast – B.O. at O 3/4

Great group of PAX on a brisk morning. PED (Q), Fergie, Digiorno, Pepperoni, Blueprint, Alexa.

Gave disclaimer and mozied into the neighborhood toward Old Cannon’s Ln. Stopped in the street for some warmup: SSH (15-IC), Grass Grabbers (10-IC), Runners Stretch, Downward Dog, Cobra. Was going to continue to stretch but was too cold so getting “warm” stretching was counter-productive.

Did a Native American run toward Old Cannons. At the intersection stopped for 20 of the following: squats, merkins, lunges. Continued the Native American run under the interstate and stopped at the bridge. At the bridge did 20 dips, 10 derkins and 20 squats. Continued across the bridge up the hill everyone at their own pace. At the top did 20 each of the following: big boys (SC), american hammers (IC), LBC (IC).

Mozied down the hill to the bridge. Rinse and repeat, 20 dips, 10 derkins, 20 squats. Back up the hill rinse and repeat, BB’s, American Hammers, LBC’s. Down the hill to the bridge for one more set of dips, derkins, and squats.

Native American run back under the interstate and stopped at the bottom of the hill coming out of the neighborhood. 20 each of the following: squats, merkins, lunges. Native American run back up the hill to our warm up spot in the neighborhood. Did a mix of items, merkins, gas pumps, rosalitas, pickle pounders, Freddie Mercurys, box cutters, flutter kicks, and there may have been a few I missed.

Mozied back to the flag. Had two minutes left and Digiorno wanted to get his money’s worth. So did some additional merkins, BOYO’s, squats and plank with touching our shoulders, knees, nose and a couple other places I don’t think we should have touched in the park.

Circled up and gave intentions. A year and 4 days since my first post. It has been a fantastic year meeting a great group of HIM’s and getting better every morning.

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