Backblast. 3/7/19. The Agony @ The County.

If you think about an exercise like gas pumps, they are really a mirror image of squats. In one, the feet are stationary while the six moves, and in the other the six is stationary while the feet move. But the leg motions are the same. One day I started thinking of exercise combinations that could be considered mirror images or inversions of each other. You can do mountain climbers standard with abdomen toward the ground, or invert yourself and have the abdomen toward the sky. In both, the feet alternate forward and back. Similarly, the bear crawl and the crabwalk are mirror images of each other.

With these things in mind, Mr. Spock made a surprise visit as the Q for the County this morning. (Really just YHC wearing the ears and a DIY Spock shirt.). Why did he come, you may ask? Because the best episode of Star Trek was the one where Spock and Kirk wound up in a parallel universe, and found out there were mirror images of themselves, only with opposite personalities. So with that in mind, Mr. Spock came and led the Pax thru a bunch of mirror image exercises:

Bulletin (R)
Sweet Tart
Jolly Rancher
Aerobie (Q)

Welcome and Mosey to warm up. SSH, grass grabbers.

The Thang: Squats oyo (30) and their mirror image of gas pumps (30), Alternate back-and-forth for three minutes. Mountain climbers oyo (20) And inverted mountain climbers (20), Alternate back-and-forth for three minutes. Bear crawl out as a group 30 yds, and crab walk back.

Transition. Various sprints and lunge walks of 30 yards and back.

Back to The Thang: imperial walkers (15) and their mirror image, Which is get on your six and do the exact same motion, elbow to opposite knee, Alternate back-and-forth between these for three minutes. V-ups (10) and torso raises (5), Alternate back-and-forth for three minutes. Merkins- amrap 1 minute, dips Amrap 1 minute.

Transition. Various Broadjump and alternating Burpees.

Back to The Thang: hillbillys (15) and their mirror image, Alabama Ass kickers. Alternate those for 3 minutes. Then Something I call walk the plank, which is hold plank at various arm angles 20-30 seconds at a time. Ending the Thang with half boats, on your six with torso and legs up, Raising one or both legs and holding 20-30 seconds at a time.

We finished with various Mary exercises, flutter kicks, dying cockroaches, Freddie Mercury’s, pickle pounders, J- Los, lbc, big boys, etc.

Ending with announcements and COT round the flag. Announcements included upcoming second and third f opportunities associated with the Lenten season. Prayers were lifted up for one of our F3 brothers with us, And for the spouse of one of our brothers, and for the family of one of our brothers, and for the co-worker of one of our brothers. Prayers of Thanksgiving. Prayers for assistance. It was cold and I was tired by the end, but what a great way to begin the day. Thanks all!

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