The Chopper 4/12 BackBlast for Carlose 2nd Q


  1. Weedwacker
  2. Tony Malito
  3. SnowDay
  4. Meatball
  5. Cheese Curd
  6. Backdraft
  7. McAfee
  8. Carlose (QIC)

Well the day didn’t start off the way we wanted with rain, but we made some adjustments & we are blessed to have some cover at the Vets. So we knocked out a ton of push ups, bear crawls, crab walks, & curls using the picnic tables. Then when the rain stopped, we did a Indian run. When the guy got to the front of line, the run stopped & we did 1 burpee, into 5 pushups & 5 Bobby Hurley’s. Then we ended with some marry. Great Workout & thanks to all the PAX for coming out for me 2nd Q!!!


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