“The Rooster” at The Mutt — back blast (10/29/19)

The temperature was just right for a great beat down at the Mutt on 10/29/19.  Since I was “the Q” I needed to arrive earlier than traditional Tiger arrival time. The night before everything was going smooth. Actually got to bed at a decent time. However, as we all know things do not always go as planned. Waking up to the smell of poop was not a pleasant thing. At 3:45 in the morning I was waking up to my dog having diarrhea in our bed. Never the less after cleaning shit up and getting the laundry started Tiger was able to make it to the Mutt earlier then traditional fashion. Quick disclaimer was given and off we went.

Ran around school to the big parking lot and circled up for some quick warm-up/stretching.

Side straddle hops/Kendra Newman’s (small and big circles)/grass grabber/Downward dog (right over left and left over right)/and runners stretch.

Coupons were retrieved and we broke up into teams is 2. Team needed to complete 100 bicep curls/200 rows/200 Military Press/300 bench press (combined effort between the team of 2). One person ran across large parking lot (7 merkins and 7 squat jumps) while other other teammate performed coupon work and then would alternate with teammate until completed.

Next we took off on a scout run down Brookfield – 2 lines of 9. Waited for the 6 and circled up at St Matthews Avenue (15 squats performed) and then we ran back to the Mutt. Circled up for some Mary to close out what I considered a good beat down!

Pax present:

Lionel, PED, Ham, Larry Flint, Pope, Zima, Soft Top, Wam’o (respect), No Show, Plumb Bob, Windshield, Blueprint, Glenn Ross, Deuce, Buschhhhh, Geppetto, Fridge, Tiger (the Q)

Pax asked for Prayers for an anniversary of death of friend/family member and for a coworker battling cancer. Finished with the Our Father!

Thank you to Pax that came out. Thoroughly enjoyed it!!!


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