Back Blast – Peggy Baker BO 11/19/2019

PAX: Fungi, Cochran, Le Pew, Backflop, and Captain Crunchberry (Q)

Weather: A balmy 33 degrees. Which is an improvement compared to the prior week at Peggy Baker which was windy, snow, and 14 degrees)

Disclaimer: I’m not a professional, I have received no formal training, anything I say is a suggestion, and you should modify as necessary. Aye?

Short mosey to get the blood flowing.


– Good Morning stretch.

– Runners stretch (Right leg, left leg, arms up, scorpion.)

– Michael Phelps (Not Ryan Newman.)

– Kendra Newman

Thang 1: Field of Dreams – Pax split into 4 groups. 1’s starts at home plate and perform 15 Burpees, then sprint to first base. 2’s start at first base doing AMRAP Coupon Squats until relieved by the 1’s, then lunge walk to second base. The 3’s start at second base doing AMRAP merkins until relieved by the 2’s, then bear crawl to third base. The 4’s start at third base doing AMRAP coupon curls until relieved by the 3’s, then Bernie Sanders to home plate. Rinse and repeat until all 4 groups have rotated through each base twice.

Flat green Baseball grass field. Baseball base with line templat

Thang 2: Reverse Indian Run – Line up single file at home base, start running the bases.  First PAX must sprint around to the back of the pack. Continue until all PAX have “rounded the bases.” Repeated for two sprints by each PAX.

Thang 3: TABATA – Big Boy Situps and Step ups.

To make our way back to the front, we did a little Super Mario run, until I got tired.

Mary consisted of a crazy amount of flutter kicks (I lost count at 55 or 60), courtesy of Le Pew.

Ended with announcements and intentions.  Ruck Friday night, Mama’s Boy and Alexa at the Q, starts at Bowman Field @ 7:30.  Continued prayers for Bulletin and his sister.

Baseball is supposedly America’s greatest past time. I’m sure we all have a memory of either attending, or participating. With the holiday season approaching, I have fond memories of spending time with family, and togetherness.  However with all the happiness for myself, the holidays are a sad time for others.  I encouraged the PAX reach out to family or friends.

Naked Man Mole Skin (Why is it I only see Crockpot include this on a back blast?): This was my third Q.  Each of the workouts had a different feel.  My first Q, I felt as if I tried to incorporate too many exercises that no one muscle group got a suitable workout.  The second I might have “over corrected” and did not have enough exercises to make it engaging. This one I attempted to keep a baseball theme including a stellar playlist (when you make the playlist, you can describe it however you want.) The playlist included Survivor’s Eye of the Tiger for the mosey and COP, and for Thang 1 and 2, it was John Fogerty ‘s Centerfield, Meal Loaf’s Paradise by the Dashboard Light, Bruce Springsteen’s Glory Days, and Take Me Out to the Ballgame.  To finish it off, while we did the Super Mario run we included Men Without Hats’ The Safety Dance.

When we left, everyone seemed good and tired.  Including the 5 sweat angels we left in the parking lot.

-Captain Crunchberry

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