BB -3/13/20 Mary T – Sump Pump Q(ish)

Friday the 13th – Spin the wheel and it lands on Sump Pump. Totally under prepared but most of the PAX were too so it worked out just fine.

PAX: Fergie, Zima, Wham, Plumb Bob, Glen Ross, PED, Captain Insane-o, Deuce, Fridge, BUSCHHHHH, Snowman, Porkchop, Digiorno, Sump Pump (Q)

I gave a disclaimer and we quickly moseyed a good 20 feet for COP. Every other PAX picked a stretch.

THANG1: We moseyed over to the big pond behind the Buschhhhh household and did this:

Jack web Merkins with Plank Jacks (Thanks Zima!)

No time for THANG2 so we moseyed back to the parking lot behind the Buschhhhh household for COT.

I cant wait to spin the wheel again!

Sump Pump

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F3 Sump Pump

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