Backblast – Loco – 6.16.2020 – Captain Crunchberry

PAX: Gilligan, My Pleasure, Red Card, Scratch & Dent, Mr. Hat, Ma Bell, Jolly Rancher, Double Down, Jerry Maguire, Tidwell, Little Jerry, Alexa, Gisele, Overflow, Hushpuppy, Uncle Sam, Pelican, FlipFlop, Asian Zing, Crockpot, Captain Crunchberry (QIC).

WEATHER: About 60 degrees, slight breeze.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a professional, anything I say is a suggestion, you should modify as needed. If you feel sick, go home.

COP: A short mosey to the front lot for arm circles, Michael Phelps, Imperial Walkers, and a runners stretch. Finish the mosey around the campus to the back lot.

Today’s list of THANGS was a brain child of mine, all centered around the movie Cocktails. It all started with the a thought while working out one morning, I was really struggling, and was excited to move on to the next exercise, only to find out it sucked just as much. So, Coughlin’s Laws of exercise were born.

Coughlin’s Law #1 – In life there are the workers and the hustlers.  The hustlers never work, and the workers never hustle.  We partnered up for a short Dora. 50 Merkins, 100 BBSUs, 150 Air Squats.  While PAX #1 was working on the exercises, PAX #2 ran the length of the parking lot.  When the runner (hustler) returned, switch.

Coughlin’s Law #2 – Diet is cocktails and dreams.  In our case, it was coupons and Derkins.  We lined up the coupons at about the middle line of the parking lot.  Starting on the sidewalk of the church, perform 2 Derkins. Bear Crawl to the coupon, 2 Derkins, continue the bear crawl to the bottom of the lot, 2 more Derkins.  Mosey back to the sidewalk.  Rinse and repeat until we moved to the next exercise.

Coughlin’s Law #3 – Anything else is something better.  After doing bear crawls across the parking lot, you would think it can’t get much worse.  Well, we did a Burpee Dan.  Starting on the sidewalk again, we did 1 burpee, 4 lunge walks, rinse and repeat until you reach the bottom of the lot.  Mosey back to the top, 2 burpees, 4 lunge walks. Rinse and repeat again, with 3 burpees, 4 lunge walks.

Coughlin’s Law #4 – A man will always be judged by the amount of alcohol he can consume, and a woman will be impressed, whether she likes it or not.  For this we met back at the coupons staged in the middle of the lot.  10 curls, 2 lunge walks, rinse and repeat until we reached the sidewalk.  I believe Alexa, Hushpuppy and Little Jerry crossed the finish line onto the sidewalk. They won the accolades.

Coughlin’s Law #5 – Bury the dead, they stink up the place. As for the rest of Coughlin’s Laws, ignore them, the guy was full of it.  For this I explained the ultimate moral of the movie for me was to find happiness. Brian Flannigan wants to get rich, and thinks it will make him happy.  So for this we did Happy Jacks. 5 SSH, 2 Jump Squats, repeat 4 times.

MARY: We circled up for Mary, starting with more BBSU, Pickle Pounders, American Hammers, Heartbreakers, Merkins, Flutterkicks and a plank until time.

ANNOUNCEMENTS AND INTENTIONS: GROWRUCK, check Slack for more information.  Dates October 9-11. I thanked the guys for coming out.  I mentioned that in the movie Cocktails, it is ultimately the relationships that Brian Flannigan develops with his patrons that makes him happy. Find what makes you happy.

NAKEDMAN MOLESKIN: While the work was sufficient and I don’t think anyone went home regretting the decision to come out, but I feel like I was off this morning.  I blame it on a a poor nights sleep.

A pleasure to lead.

-Captain Crunchberry

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