Backblast – Escalator @ The Abyss – 7.22.2020

PAX: Mr. Hat, Flipflop, Uncle Sam, Jolly Rancher, Kimble, and Captain Crunchberry (QIC)

Weather: Mid 70’s recently.

Disclaimer: Provided by Jolly Rancher, I think.  I’m not sure, since I announced myself as Jolly Rancher. I blamed it on the confusion that Flipflop was a little early, rather than coming in hot. I’m not a professional, I have received no formal training, anything I say is a suggestion, and you should modify as necessary. COVID-19 is a real thing. If you feel sick, go home, keep your distance. Aye?


– Downward Dog

– Michael Phelps

– Kendra Newman

– Quad stretch

The one and only Thang:

Circuit Work – 3 Stations, each with 4 exercises.  Pick 2 exercises, do 20 reps, proceed to the next station.  The last station was just Burpees. On the way back up the hill, do the other two exercises.  Rinse and repeat.

Station 1 – Coupons – Curls, Overhead Press, Bentover Row, Tricep Extensions

Station 2 – Legs – Squats, Lunges, Monkey Humpers, Calf Raises

Station 3 – Other Stuff – Dips, Stepups, Derkins, Incline Merkins

Station 4 – Burpees x 10


It was clear that even with only 6 PAX, we would eventually split into smaller numbers. Flipflop continues to be a front runner for one of the most physically fit guys I know.  The man just doesn’t have a slow gear.  Even Mr. Hat wants to be(at) him.  He said so himself. Bottom line, my goal was just to finish before Flipflop lapped me.  I made sure to be a good Q and pick up the six.  Or maybe Kimble was picking up the six.  Either way, we pretty much stayed together.  Uncle Sam and Jolly were somewhere in the middle. (Uncle Sam was in front of the newly minted 1st F Q.)  I had about 3 minutes to spare, and then Flipflop would have lapped me, so I had to call time to make sure it didn’t happen.

We collected the cones, and notes, and proceeded back to the basketball court for some Mary.  Mary consisted of gas pumps, and a one second plank for Kimble. Then time was called.

Count-o-rama, Name-o-rama.

Announcements: Monthly Ruck is Friday night. Signup for GrowRuck.

Final Word: Today’s message was that the road to success is long, and is uphill the whole way.  We are all out to get better, no one expects it to happen overnight.  Keep pushing, don’t let one day discourage you.  Keep your eye on the prize, and continue pushing for success.

-Captain Crunchberry

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