10.16.2020 – Back Blast – Pleasantville – Captain Crunchberry Q

Weather: Low 40s, with a slight chill to start things off.

I was shocked as I arrived with Tidwell in tow. We had to park a fair distance away from the normal meeting location. I felt like I was going to a sporting event. You know, where you park far away, so you can avoid traffic when you leave? I don’t know if it was the allure of running, my strong presence as a Q, or if everyone thought Pelican was going to be the Q. Either way 16 PAX showed up to explore a little slice of heaven, Pleasantville, where it is always pleasant. At least that is what Holy Roller keeps telling people, and if Jewel has taught me anything, it is if you say it enough, people start to believe it.

PAX: Backflop, Brown Tail, Milton, FOCKER, Brown Water, Motorboat, Hardwood, Timeshare, Soft Top, Kenwood, Tidwell, GC, Dauber, Holy Roller, Jolly Rancher, and Captain Crunchberry (QIC)

COP: Since I felt that my preblast sufficiently warned PAX that today was going to be run heavy, we just stayed circled up at the flag for COP. It consisted of some basic stretching… Toy Soldiers, Downward Dog, Grass Grabbers, and Quad Stretch.

On to the main THANG. A simple Q. Easy to plan. So easy it would be hard to screw it up. Step 1 – Run. Step 2 – Stop Running. Step 3 – Do some PT (5 Burpees, 10 Merkins, 15 Squats) and plank for the six. Rinse and repeat…. Wait… Scratch that…

Did I mention the part that helped me design this workout? Remember back a few month ago when F3-Cash from Nashville (I think) was battling cancer, and we all banded together to show solidarity? At that same time Jolly Rancher was trying to map out his Super Samuel ruck. So I started playing with the idea of doing some GPS Doodling. (It is a real thing. Go ahead, Google it, it’s safe.) So, I developed this really cool running stick figure, inside Norton Commons.


However, to make that all work, you have to travel on the right streets. And with an epic fail, I exited the initial meeting spot and took the first street (Featherbell), rather than making it to Meeting Street. So we were doomed from the start. I had a printed map of Norton Commons to guide me, I had studied the course multiple times over the week to make sure I was good to go. Epic fail. I tried to get back on course, only to fold up my map, and tell the fast runners just to run to the light, stop, and start the PT. Here is our actual route.

Needless to say, it looks nothing like the design. But you know what? We logged about 2.75 miles, made about 10 stops for PT, and had time for MARY and some stretching. In the end, I will call it a win.

MARY: Consisted of Gas Pumps, American Hammers, Flutter Kicks, and BBSU. While still down on the ground we did some stretching.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Dare to Care Saturday.

INTENTIONS: Backflop’s cousin. She is 10. They found a brain tumor, which initially they were told it was benign, then 24 hours later got a call from an oncologist to say it was malignant. The roller coaster that this family must be feeling is enough to make me sick. Prayers up, hopefully the roller coaster swings back the other way.

CLOSING: Most of the time I have a message, or a theme first, and design a workout around that. Today I didn’t have a profound message, it was simple, draw a cool GPS Doodle while running. That got scraped shortly into the workout. That is when I found the message. Your not in it alone. I might have been the Q today, but it was my friends (the faster ones) who took control of a flustered Q, and kept me moving forward. Together, we all achieved the end goal.

Thank you friends!

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