PB – Motor Boat VQ – BoW at The O – 10-20

Back in the day, it was sort of a “thing” for young English aristocrats taking a seat in Parliament to give “Maiden Speeches.” For instance, Winston Churchill gave his maiden speech as a Conservative Member for Oldham on February 18, 1901.

The world has changed a lot. Now we have VQs, rather than Maiden Speeches. This VQ will take exactly 45 minutes. Those in attendance will be accorded the respect and incidental luxuries customary for Officers and Gentlemen. That is to say, no one will yell at you, while making you do ruck PT, while submerged in a creek.

But there will be plenty of good work to do. Expect to roam a little, and to model the fine example of another great Englishman, Roger Bannister, who broke the 4 minute mile for the first time at Iffley Road on May 6, 1954. Sir Roger said, rightly:
“The man who can drive himself further once the effort gets painful is the man who will win.”

The Story of Sir Roger Bannister - Harrow Online

Don’t be scared, but do bear that in mind.
Because we must be strong all-around, there will be plenty of PT along the way.

It’ll be a Four Minute Mile kind of morning.

Our workout will incorporate elements from The Hudson Fryar Tribute Beatdown in honor of Hudson, the baby son of our F3 brother Nomad (F3 Northwest Arkansas), tragically lost to SIDS on October 3, age 5 months. #ForHudson.

I do hope you can join us. Gloves might be a good idea. Bring a coupon. Yes, there is a very high chance of rain. That has no bearing on the work that lies ahead. It bears only on the opportunity to accelerate by building your durability. Take that opportunity!

-Motor Boat

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