BackBlast – BoW at the O 10.27.2020

Always fun to show up for a Ghost Q and see then anticipation and confusion waiting for the Q to be announced. Thanks, Russdiculous for the invite, obviously no PAX knew what was instore from a Ghost VQ!

Pax: Russdiculous, Handbook, Tron, Rumpke, Vincent, Sump Pump, Motor Boat, Wham!, Harry Carey, Frankenbaby, McAfee, Shyster (Q)

After the disclaimer we took a mosey around the back loop at the O and headed to the first set of tennis courts. PAX circled up for a warmup:

• 25 Side Straddle Hops

• 20 Imperial Walkers

• 10 Grass Grabbers

• 10 Abe Vigoda’s

• Quick set of Up/Downs. PAX did high knees in place until the Q said “hit”. Each hit was a drop to the floor and pop back up to high knees. 

Thang 1: 3 -Man Weave

PAX counted off by 3 and split into 3 groups. One group went to the far end of the tennis courts and the other 2 stayed on the other end. On each end of the court, the group was doing a single exercise AMRAP. The third group would run from one end to the other and relieve the group exercising, who would then run back to the other end and relieve that group. We did 3 rounds of each exercise:

​R1: T- Merkins and Overhead Squats

​R2: Bobby Hurleys and Overhead claps

​R3: Seesaw lunges and Carolina Dry Docks

​R4: Merkins and Squats

Thang 2: All PAX lined up on the end line of the tennis court. One round of suicide burpees. Suicide run to the each of each of the 4 courts, but when you came back to the end line, 1 burpee

Thang 3: All PAX lined up on the end line. We did dynamic stretches/movements to the end of each tennis court then stopped for a core exercise:

• Flying Nun – LBC’s

• Lunge Walk with twist – Flutter kicks

• Side Shuffle – American Hammers

• Side Shuffle – Freddie Mercury’s

• Mario – Tempo Merkins

• Mario – Big Boys

Lastly, PAX did an all-out sprint from one end of the courts to the other and headed back to the flag. 

Circled up for COT and I gave some thoughts on leadership from things I took away from Grow School. 

“Don’t sit around and wait for things to happen, go out and happen to things”

Thanks to all that came out to my VQ (although you didn’t know it was my VQ)


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