Backblast – Gladiator @ The Abyss – Captain Cruchberry Q

Weather: Clear, dry, a chilly. Temperatures hovering in the mid 30’s.

The numbers for today were a little light. A combination of reasons COVID precautions being one, but I don’t think that is the case with Jolly Rancher. I’m pretty sure Jolly Rancher fartsacked. There is still a chance he posted at The Garden, but the attendance report is running slow. Those Garden boys must have stopped for a nap at the top of the hill. I kept thinking Flip Flop would come screaming in on two wheels, that a deer might have popped out in front of him, throwing his expert timing off by 15 seconds. But the show must go on. When we started, it was just Uncle Sam, Cratchit, Brown Water, and myself, Captain Crunchberry (QIC)

COP: Just to get the blood flowing we did a few SSH, Toy Soldiers, Downward Dog. Today’s workout wouldn’t require a muscle group that can be “stretched.”

The MAIN THANG: I sold this workout in the pre-blast as an opportunity to look at the stars. My goal was to be a complete ab workout. I had positioned cones leading up towards Flat Rock Road, creating stations to perform the work. You would complete station 1 (home base), mosey to station 2, complete the work, then mosey back to home base. Then mosey to station 3, work, back to home base. Continue all the way to station 6. The cones were placed approximately 100 feet apart (33 paces.) Once might have been longer or shorter. Uncle Sam offered to assist with the setup, and I couldn’t talk, walk, and count at the same time. There were 3 rounds of work to complete.


  • 10 – Big Boy Situps
  • 20 – American Hammers (IC)
  • 30 – Flutter Kicks (IC)
  • 40 – Little Baby Crunches
  • 50 – Windshield Wipers (Each side counts as one.)
  • 100 – Second Plank (30 left, 30 right, 30 straight.)


  • 10 Big Boy Situps
  • 20 – Freddie Mercury (Left + Right = One)
  • 30 – Heel Touches (Left + Right = One)
  • 40 – Reverse Crunches
  • 50 – Dying Cockroach (Each side counts as one.)
  • 100 – Second Plank (30 left, 30 right, 30 straight.)


  • 10 – Big Boy Situps
  • 20 – Box Cutters (Could have been Heartbreakers if Pelican were there)
  • 30 – Gas Pumps (Single Count)
  • 40 – Pickle Pounders (Single Count)
  • 50 – Elevators (Legs up, 5 stops on the way down.)
  • 100 – Second Plank (30 left, 30 right, 30 straight.)

Time was beginning to expire on us, so at the end of round 2, we came back down the hill, completing round 3’s exercises. We ended with a few stretches.

Going up the hill for round one, we hit the 30 flutter kicks, and I started second guessing this weinke. I’m not Le Pew. I can’t do 100 Flutter Kicks, in cadence, without rest. But that was probably the hardest “stop” along the way. When I decide to go on a run, about .25 miles in, I start second guessing that decisions. I feel like I’m never going to make it to the finish line. But, eventually my body adjusts, a pace is set, and I can make it through just fine. I think today’s weinke was similar. Going up the hill, knowing there was still a lot of ab work to do, it seemed unreasonable. But a pace was set, and everyone got better. I originally thought we would be spread out, but with a smaller group, we stayed together, completing each station as a group. I enjoy having 30 +/- PAX at a workout, but there is something to be said about small numbers.

I have no profound words of wisdom to impart today. I simply asked for everyone to have a little patience. Things are different, and each person is handling it differently. For me personally, my daughter switches from in person instruction back to NTI today. Most of this workload falls on my wife’s shoulders since she works from home, and I don’t. I attempt to come home early to give her a little peace and quiet, but it isn’t always an option.

CoR, NoR, announcements and intentions: The monthly ruck, is tonight. County Fair – 28th. Both events are raising money for Blessings in a Backback. Link to donate on Slack.

Nothing further O Captain, my Captain.

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