BB The Ruiner at The O, 11-28-20, Motor Boat Q

Conditions: 37 degrees, crisp and sunny at dawn.
Location: The O, and Seneca Park’s hills.
End State: Get stronger, faster, better, more humble, and more resilient.
PAX: Vincent (R), Violet, Russdiculous, Harry Caray, Duckling, Tron, Overhead (2.0), Motor Boat, Q.
The Situation: Inspired by a great demo-run about a month ago by Flo Jo, COP, run to Wham Island, 12 BOYO buy-in, 12 hill sets to the tree halfway up the hill, with 12 murcans at the beginning, and 12 big boys at the end, with a “Twelves” layering of start with one lunge at the bottom, and 11 squats at the top, ascending the lunges and descending the squats, until by the twelfth hill there were no squats. Then, after a few ten-counts, we gave all we had up to the tree at the top of the hill, where the sun was just coming up (timed that way – who could know, you have to ask the Q, and he’s not going to comment….). A bit of Mary, including a tough murcan waterfall led by Vincent, and then flutter kicks, LBCs, Freddie Mercurys, and more murcans. Then, an Indian File run down the hill to the road, and back up around the tennis courts to the flag, where we did a 12 BOYO buy-out and wrapped up a nice crisp early winter version of The DRP.

COR, NOR, Announcements, Intentions, and leading out with a thoughtful and heartfelt Our Father. Adjournment to Coffeeteria, where the 2F was strong, and so was the hot chocolate.

We missed Handbook. His reported symptoms are Zero. We wonder about a False Positive. We’re running a tight ship until you come back, Handbook. Props to Violet and Russdiculous who arrived early to ensure the flag was good to go.

Props to all the PAX who came out and put in such a solid effort. It’s awesome to start the day with you guys, getting better, and getting into a zone of exploring the limits, and pushing that zone out a little bit more. Thanks also to Overhead, who continues to be a tough, reliable part of the workouts, and a great XO. Everyone, Keep Getting After It.
– Motor Boat, Q.

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