BB: Virtual DRP @ The Boathouse, 12-2-20

It was a very frosty 25 degree morning in the garages of three PAX this morning. Handbook, Frankenbaby, and Motor Boat (Q) made the choice to Do the Hard Thing and get out into the (virtual) Gloom. There was peer leadership, there was a COT, we were outdoors, open to all men, and free. Sounds like an F3 workout to me! (There was even a flag.) Our Thang was deceptively challenging – six five minute modules with a mix of MOYOs, cardio (running/rowing), murcans, and big boys. With a 10 MOYO buy-out as a hat tip to Handbook. The COT was a little more poignant than usual because even though we were apart, it didn’t feel that way. One Pax is hitting it hard in the business he owns, doing what he needs to do to keep his employees paid and his customers served. Another Pax is (literally) living in his *basement* for two whole weeks, but the good news is his M and 2.0 are GTG – no Rona. That’s leading from the front if you ask me. I want this Quarantine AO (the Boathouse) to continue as “a Thing” – people will rotate on and off Quarantine Island, but the mission and value of what we do together doesn’t change. Thank you to the Pax for choosing to get after it today. We will be out tomorrow seeking more DRP, with Sump Pump as Q. Zoom info for 12/3 is on the calendar and on Slack too.

– Motor Boat, Q

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