BB: 1-7-21 Temple of Gloom @ The O, Motor Boat, Q

Currahee Military Museum

10 Pax showed up this morning at the O, ready for a run heavy workout, ready to take and hold the high ground. They included: Curious George, Yoshi, Touch N’ Go, Violet, No Nuts, Vincent (R), Whiskers, Stick Up, Flo Jo, and Motor Boat (Q).

We started with warm-up on the tennis courts, including SSHs, murcans, copperhead squats, and a lot of stretching. We then ran down the hill on the west side of the O towards Danes Hall Road, and set up for the main event, “Fives”. After a 10 BOYO buy-in, this was 5 blocks of 10 exercises, split 4/1, 3/2, 2/3, and 1/4 at the bottom and top of the big hill there. At the bottom were squats, and at the top, Murcans.

It’s a pretty big, pretty steep hill, so everyone got a solid dose of the DRP.

We then ran back to the bottom of the hill leading out of the neighborhood, and lined up for a sprint, which was Bernie Sanders. It was man-vs-man, in two groups of 5 Pax, for points, an idea I saw at the Garden AO earlier this week. My group got wiped out, 1-4, so we did a 12 BOYO penalty, and the winners decided to do it along with us.

It pays to be a winner.

We then moseyed back to the tennis court, where we finished with Mary, lots of the usual including big boys, LBCs, and flutters, as well as some more creative ideas from Flo Jo and Vincent. I wrapped us up with Murcans at 6:15:02, and we circled up for COR, NOR, and COT.

COT focused on the importance of being a strong, calming, peaceful force for good during bad, strange times, and the importance we all place on respecting our Nation’s tradition of a peaceful transition of power. At the end, we took a moment to appreciate Violet’s service as Site Q, as he transitioned Site Q duties to me. It is a privilege to lead people as committed as the Pax who showed up today, several of whom did some solid travel to join us. Thank you. Be safe today, men. As Shredder said at GR21: be strong, so you can protect what you love. I think for all of us that includes our families, our country, and also (yes) people we sometimes don’t agree with.

Motor Boat, Q

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