BB ToG @ The O, 1-14-21, Motor Boat Q

9 PAX showed up for a solid dose of the DRP at The O, including: No Nuts, Nan Moore, Flo Jo, Violet, Harry Carry, Russdiculous, Handbook, Shyster, and Motor Boat (Q). The weather wasn’t too cold or wet and we got right to work: COP, then a pretty fast loop of the lower part of the oval at the O (about a quarter mile), and then tennis court work as follows: a 10 BOYO buy-in, shuttle runs on the tennis courts, 20 murcans at the far end of the court, 15 overhead thrusters at the end, followed by 20 big boys. Rise and repeat two more times, substituting in bent-over rows and copperhead squats for the thrusters and the big boys. Then some more tennis court running, mixing in Bernie Sanders and sprints. Mary at the end, with murcans at the very end. COR, NOR, and COT to wrap it up, and then out to face the day. It is always a privilege to lead motivated people; thanks to the Pax who made a choice to do the hard thing.

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