BB The Tank @Vets, 1-20-21, Motor Boat, Q

It was a great Inaugural morning at Vets today. Eight Pax showed up, including Vincent (R), Diablo, Overflow, Hush Puppy, Aerobie (R), Meatball, Flounder, and Motor Boat (Q). Weather was surprisingly chilly – there was a wet-feeling wind, but no rain. We did a pretty typical COP, marred by your Q not quite knowing the right name for a Toy Soldier. The Pax corrected, and we moved along. The main event was DORA, three sets. The first set was murcans (100), the second was big boys (150), and the third was bench presses with coupons (150). The person not doing the exercises ran around the oval at Vets with a coupon or ruck plate. Between sets we ran the approximately one-half mile trail behind the main hill at Vets. The return uphill made us work for it each time. People worked hard, which was great to see. Vincent and Diablo, particularly, hit it hard on the hills. Flounder was tough as he worked through an injury. And Overflow at age 19 is getting after it – awesome to see. At the end of the workout we did COR, NOR, announcements, intentions, and a prayer. The prayer was for humility to see our faults and correct them, and for safety for our nation and its elective representatives today and in the days ahead. It is always a privilege to lead motivated men, and start the day right in the Gloom.

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