BB – Rooster/Mutt 2-9-21

Image result for black and white snow angels

It was a really pretty morning of quiet snowfall when 13 Pax showed up for a winter dose of the DRP, including: Deuce, Old Bay, Klinger, Ball Boy, Plumb Bob, Zima, DiGiorno, Tiger, Fridge, Peeping Tom, Wham-O (R), Sump Pump, and Motor Boat (Q). We warmed up with a loop around the school, and then COP under the portico, including SSHs, toy soldiers, imperial walkers (thank you Plumb Bob), etc. We then loaded up on coupons and moseyed out to the hill behind the athletic field, where we did 22s. At the bottom of the hill, we did coupon-weighted squats, and at the top, murcans. Snow Murcans are a thing. A good thing. No one broke a leg sliding down the hill, which was good for F3’s liability posture. The 22s took a little longer than expected, but eventually we moseyed back with coupons to the portico, and paired off for dora work: the number was 200, and the exercises were bench presses, coupon squats, and big boys. A pretty intense mary session followed with all the usual sorts of exercises, and then we stowed the coupons and ran back to the flag. COR, NOR, Announcements, Intentions, and closing with a prayer, noting what a privilege it is to be able to be together, and sorrow at the passing of Big Bird’s mother-in-law. It is also a privilege to lead, and I appreciate the Pax making it out this morning. SYITG. Motor Boat, Q.

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