BackBlast – 5.5.2021 – The Escalator – Captain Crunchberry Q

Happy Cinco de Mayo! A real special holiday. You know, a relatively insignificant holiday in Mexico (according to The History Channel), but celebrated by just about anyone over the age of 21, with a bar or Mexican restaurant within a stones throw. Generally speaking, I don’t need a reason to have a drink or two.

I had this fun weinke planned out, but mother nature decided to dump buckets of rain leading up to it, which would have made it slightly dangerous or at the very least muddy. So, I went with plan B.

I woke up just about 5 minutes before my alarm sounded. Not the normal F3 alarm. This is an alarm dedicated to the crazy PAX that call the Abyss home. With a 0500 start time, I gain a few precious minutes early in the morning to not have to rush. It is great feeling when you don’t have to rush. However, I’m curious what that 5 minutes will mean later today.

Because I got up 5 minutes early, I was early to pick up Tidwell. But rather than making me wait, he walked out to the truck without even putting shoes on. Heaven forbid that I wait long enough for him to actually put shoes on. (Tidwell, nice gesture, but put your shoes on next time.) We arrived to find Mr. Hat patiently waiting, and F-Stop and Kitty Litter rounded out the 5 PAX in attendance.

The wind was keeping us cool, so we got started with COP on the basketball court as soon as 0515 arrived, to get the blood flowing. It consisted of SSH, Mountain Climbers, Runners stretch, Imperial Walkers, Hillbillies, Kendra Newmans, and Michael Phelps.

On to the main THANG. Pretty short and sweet. Interval running around the lake. 3 minutes of running, and then 20 Squats, 20 Merkins, and 10 Monkey Humpers. Rinse and repeat. About 3 minutes in, Tidwell found a pothole, and we almost turned back. We were about .25 miles into the 1.7 mile loop. Here is a visual representation of how I thought the last 1.5 miles would end.

However, he soldiered on, and made the entire lap on a bum ankle. I’m pretty sure he will regret that decision later.

We finished the loop then ran up to Flat Rock Road, and back to the starting point for Mary.

We found some dry pavement right at the parking area. There we did Gas Pumps, American Hammers, Freddie Mercurys, Flutter Kicks, and V-Ups.

Announcements for Dare to Care looking for more volunteers, and The County Fair. Followed by intentions.

Pleasure to lead, even if it was just for loop around the lake.

-Captain Crunchberry

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