Backblast – Moonshiner @ The Boondock – Captain Crunchberry Q – 05.06.2021

The weather this morning was a little cooler than yesterday. But the wind wasn’t there today, so if felt like 10 degrees warmer. But in reality, it was 42 degrees on this May morning where Flex Seal, Boss Hog (R), Swag, Lambeau, Bulletin (R), Honey Do, and myself joined up to count to 5.

COP consisted of SSH, Imperial Walkers, Runners Stretch, Grass Grabbers, Kendra Newmans, Michael Phelps, and a lap around the loop.

For the short story, I have a bad back. I think poor form contributed to my pain. For that reason, I no longer try to keep up with rep counts when the Q starts ripping though an exercise so fast that I struggle to keep up. I make sure my form is good, and just use the Q’s count as a timer. So today’s weinke was about form.

The winke was simple, only 5 exercises Squats, Upright Rows, Bench Press, LBC, and Curls. Complete those, and run the loop again. Rinse and repeat, as many rounds a possible as time allows. Now for the part of the infomercial… Wait.. There’s more!

I turned on a ticking clock sound from a YouTube video. (If you are having trouble sleeping , and need a little help, give this video a try.) PAX were to complete 5 reps of each of the 5 exercises. Using the ticking clock to assist in counting, they movement of each rep was to last for 5 seconds. So for squat, 5 seconds down, pause, and then 5 seconds up. PAX were instructed to keep an eye on form. If someone was cheating, call them out. The idea here was quality over quantity. You think of a curl as an arm exercise. But when you slow it down, you would be surprised how much more your core will engage on a curl when you aren’t throwing the weight up.

I think 3 or 4 rounds were completed by everyone. The rest of the PAX might not have had trouble, but I actually had trouble counting the reps. I counted to 5 an excessive number of times, but couldn’t seem to keep count of the completed reps.

We closed out with some 5 second MARY. We did Gas Pumps, starting with your legs extended out we did 5 second movement toward the core, and 5 second extensions. Then we moved on to Pickle Pounders. Yup, you guessed it. 5 seconds up and 5 seconds down. (Insert what my M would refer to as an inappropriate joke here.) We finished it off with 5 second Nolan Ryans.

Announcements: Dare to Care and County Fair.


Naked Man Moleskin: It has been a while since I included this, but it is needed this time. Today was an interesting day. We joke (a lot) about The Boondocks and The County. Who has allegiance to which AO or which is better (there is a clear answer here.) At it’s core, it is hard to see them as two different AO’s. It is like like AFC / NFC in the NFL. However, to show why the starfish works, today there were more guys in attendance that will never question it, they are Boondocks.

As for the wienke, it was a good change of pace. I won’t brag about it being a beat down, but it was a learning curve. Not knowing how my muscles would react to the timing, I kept it manageable. But next time I do this, I will likely increase the number of reps. It is probably a weinke that is better suited for The Foundry, but worked just fine this morning.

-Captain Crunchberry

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