BackBlast: The Extender at Le Mutt – 5/13/21 – Larry Flynt Q

_ Pax gathered this morning to get better. It was a bit chilly in the 40’s but we warmed up quickly.

11 PAX were on hand this morning at The Extender.
Glen Ross
Soft Top
Ronnie Beaver
Peeping Tom
Bloody Mary
Larry Flynt (Q)

After disclaimers, we did our mosey around the school to the main parking lot…being careful not to get run over by the late arriving Tiger.

Warm-ups included:
Kendra Newmans
Michael Phelps
A few more Kendra Newman’s for Tiger, b/c it’s his favorite warm-up exercise.
Imperial Walkers
Downward dog to runners stretch

Thang 1:
We did a “Mary Mile” down Brookfield to St. matthews Ave. and then back up Leland. Each Street Light a PAX was picked to call out the next exercise.

Thang 2:
Starting at the top of Leland next to the school…we did ‘5’s’ and moseyed down a few houses to the magnificent wooden sculpture in a front yard. Started with 1 squat at the top…5 Imperial Walkers…back to top for 2 squats… back down for 4 Imperial Walkers…back to top for 3 squats… you get the point.

Thang 3:
Moseyed over to grab coupons, partner up and stay in the prayer garden. PAX one ran around the building while PAX two did AMRAPs of curls until the PAX one came back…then switched. We did this 2x for curls. 2x for overhead press and then did 10x curls and 10x overheads together. Coupons up.

Thang 4:
We moseyed to the playground for pull ups, merkins and LBC’s

Circled up for Mary for 3 minutes. Freddie Mercury’s, Gas Pumps and ?

Announcements: We need Q’s at The Mutt…sign up when you can.

It is always an honor to lead this great group in the gloom and start the day getting better.

Intentions included a prayer request for my dad who as I write this is in surgery for bladder cancer…and that God bless him and the surgery team for a successful surgery and outcome and recovery.

We finished with silent intentions and an Our Father.

Peace out… Larry Flynt.

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