Backblast – Moonshiner @ The Boondocks – Captain Crunchberry Q – 06.03.2021

Today’s weinke was inspired by Ali. The quote captioned above is the most perfect a summation of this morning. In a little over a week, I will have been doing this thing called F3 for 2 years. The physical workout portion of the morning has always been the easiest part. The suffering comes in the form of getting out of bed. I have hated climbing out of bed, every single post. 15 PAX won the first round, just by making it to The Boondocks. Those that joined me were Crockpot, FlexSeal, Bulletin, Yankovic, Lady Bird (Emma), Jitterbug, Hush Puppy, Lambeau, Timeshare, Dauber, Boss Hog, Cowboy, Tidwell, and Honey Do.

COP was rather boring, and with some really random counts. I was so busy thinking about the next exercise, I was just rattling off the cadence, not really listening to what number we were on. But the exercises were Side Straddle Hops, Grass Grabbers, Kendra Newmans, and Michael Phelps.

THANG 1: Jump Rope.

I made the PAX aware that Muhammad (like all boxers in movies) would train with a jump rope for extended periods of time. Every workout included 20-30 minutes of jump rope. Not just simple jump and spin the rope. There was side to side, front to back, one leg, other leg, etc. I had borrowed Meter Maid’s jump ropes for this, not anticipating such a huge crowd, some had to use their imagination. We did approximately 1 minute each of regular jump rope, then progressed into attempting to jump forward and backward approximately 6-10 inches. Next we moved to the side to side jumping 6-10 inches, and finished with single leg, and of course the other leg. The real lesson learned at this point is that Lambeau is clearly in the competitive division for jump roping. The rest of us (with a few expectations) are in the amateur division.

THANG 2: Pain +5

I laid out 3 exercises. The PAX were to complete as many reps as possible. When it started hurting, and they felt like quitting, complete 5 more reps. The exercises were Curls, Merkins, and Dips. Once you had completed all three exercises, run a lap around the track around the playground. An option was given that you could pick up the jump rope and complete 3 minutes of that. Lambeau was back on display, making that jump rope look textbook. I’m pretty sure everyone completed 3 or 4 rounds before we circled up for Mary.

I would be doing a disservice if I reference a quote about not counting sit ups, and not do sit ups, right? Mary carried the same format, pain plus 5. I started with sit ups, and we continued until I felt the burn, and then counted out loud the last 5. Dauber threw in flutter kicks, and Yankovic tried to impress Holy Roller (who wasn’t there) and did burpees.

Today was nothing flashy, three exercises and some running. Which seems like the direct opposite of Ali. He oozed… …confidence. (Thank you Dauber for helping with the correct wording.) I know I sweat as much as Pelican does during COP, so it had to be some what challenging.

Announcements / Intentions: I’m totally drawing a blank, I think Jitterbug had some intentions, and I remember zero details. I followed with encouragement to reach out to a friend or family member, just to let them know you were thinking about them.

Until next time.

Captain Crunchberry

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