PreBlast: Motorboat and Jolly Rancher Co-Q Temple of Gloom @ The O, Thursday, June 10 0530. 266: Never Out of the Fight

For two hundred sixty-six minutes on Wednesday, June 12, 2019, a newborn girl fought for her life at two hospitals, surrounded by over two dozen nurses and doctors. She died ten minutes after she was baptized, but she was never out of the fight. She was tiny, beautiful, powerful, and good. Her heart was donated to others. She was Grace, my daughter.

Bring *your* heart to the fight at The O this Thursday, June 10 at 0530. Bring gloves, and a coupon or ruck. The number will be 266. It will not be easy. It will be worth it.

Two years ago, I learned there are many times we *can’t* control outcomes. Being part of F3 has reinforced that we *can* control how we respond, and what sort of men we will be when the fight arrives.

Jolly Rancher will be my wingman on this Q, which is a way to honor Grace’s life, and say “thank you” to you valued men. SYITG.

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