BB: ToG at The O, 6-24-21, Motor Boat, Q

Caddyshack DVD Review (30th Anniversary Edition)

It was an awesome morning with crisp cool air for the 12 men who showed up at The O for a golf course run-heavy at sunrise: Happy Camper (DR from Illinois, here for the Bourbon Trail), Handbook, Harry Caray, No Nuts, Fergie, Pork Chop, Sump Pump, Flo Jo, YNot, McAfee, Pope, and Motor Boat (Q). We took off at a mosey into the nursery across the highway footbridge to the Seneca Golf Course, and stopped for warm-ups. Then we stayed on the path, away from the groundskeepers, and stopped every so often for a mix of core and upper body work, including BBSUs, LBCs, murcans, and tempo murcans. We left the golf course near the creek, and turned up the hill for home, stopping at the large grassy hill with the path up past the trees, for an uphill sprint.

It paid to be a winner because the winners were upwind of a certain unnamed other person. Pope managed to offer some great sociological insights while he was leading the pack of runners. I expect nothing less from that man. YNot is a quiet but awesomely persistent guy who keeps coming back and getting better – awesome to see him out. It was a high quality turnout. We tried to honor Violet by keeping up the vulgar mumblechatter, but no one can quite live up to him, so all we could do was miss him.

We did some more core and upper body work at the top of the hill, and again at the entrance to the basketball courts, finally finishing with six minutes of Mary on the tennis courts. Announcements focused on upcoming ruck events, and the Ball of Man made a return to close out with a prayer. People worked hard, running a bit more than 2.7 miles and doing plenty of work along the way. It was great to have some people show up who aren’t regulars at The O – you are always so mega-welcome, in a very big way. No confrontations with groundskeepers and an opportunity to get stronger, better connected to good men, and more humble on a beautiful morning around sunrise was a great DRP-focused way to start the day. Grateful for the opportunity to Q this one, men.

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