Back Blast – Minuteman @ The Patriot – Captain Crunchberry Q – 8.2.2021

Weather: Hovering right at 60. Can’t ask for better weather in early August

PAX: Holy Roller, Ruby, Jolly Rancher, Virginia Slim, Yankovic, Boss Hog, and myself.

I have been trying to headlock a buddy that lives within minutes of The Patriot. I thought today was the day he was going to show. He didn’t.

COP: Consisted of some arm stuff, and some runner stretches.

Because I’m in the training for the half marathon, I wanted to conserve my legs. So today was arm day.

THANG 1: A ladder. Complete rung one and make a short lap. Come back, complete rung 1, and rung 2, then take another lap. Rung 1, rung 2,rung 3, another lap.

The ladder consisted of 10 overhead press, 20 skull crusher, 30 bent over rows, 40 bench press, and 50 curls.

THANG 2: Waterfalls. We did multiple waterfalls, with the next guy starting his count when I reached 3. Progress down 10, 9, 8… Etc. We did merkins, dip, incline merkins and shoulder taps.

MARY: The shoulder taps lead us straight into Mary, which consisted of LBC, box cutters, gas pumps, and Nolan Ryans.

Arms are toast. It was advertised as arm day, and I feel like I delivered as promised. If only my FNG had shown up like he promised.

Until the next time…

-Captain Crunchberry

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