Backblast – 10.15.2021 – Defender @ The Patriot – Captain Crunchberry Q

The weather was awesome. A typical late summer, almost fall morning with some scattered cloud cover and little to no fog.

Joining me this morning were Boss Hog, Air Raid, Shade Tree, Minnow, Focker, and Yankovic.

I have been training for a half marathon, and posting to “normal” workouts has been a bit of a challenge for me. Making the travel out to The Patriot is even harder with school starting. So, since today was an in-service teacher work day, but no students, I was happy to make the drive.

With the idea that I wanted to save my legs for running, I rolled back a Q I did at The Abyss that was all ab/core work. We do MARY at the end of most workouts, but rarely do you feel like you really stressed those muscles. Maybe when Le Pew rattles off 100 flutter kicks in cadence, but not often. So this was a Q that would work the abs the entire time.

Using the Colonel William Oldham statue as a home base, we would mosey clockwise around the block. Stopping at each corner to perform the exercises. Corner 1 would be 10 count, corner 2 is 20, 3 is 30, and 4 would be 40, then back to the statue.

Round 1: 10 BBSUs, 20 American Hammers, 30 Flutter Kicks (IC), 40 LBCs

Round 2: 10 BBSUs, 20 Freddie Mercury (L/R=1), 30 Heel Touches (L/R=1), 40 Reverse Crunches (Leg Lifts)

Round 3: 10 BBSUs, 20 Box Cutters, 30 Gas Pumps (Single Count), 40 Pickle Pounders (Single Count)

Round 4: 10 BBSUs, 20 Windshield Wipers (L/R=1), 30 Dying Cockroach, 40 Elevators (5 stops down = 1)

Every time we made it back to the statue, we would do a 90 second plank. 30 seconds straight, 30 seconds left facing, and 30 seconds right facing.

After completing 4 rounds, we had time for one more, but my weinke was lacking exercises, so we modified and did 10 Merkins, 20 Merkins, 30 Merkins, and then 40 squats.

In all I would say it was a successful morning, except for one small thing. I have a group text with Jolly Rancher, Deputy Dog, Virginia Slims, and Quack. Deputy Dog live about 5 minutes from The Patriot. I gave him about 8 days notice that I would make the drive out there, since he has occasionally posted at The Boondocks. But they all left me hanging. Jolly had the Q at Vets, and I figure that was punishment enough, so I will let him slide, but the other 3 have now moved up to #1, #2, and #3 on a S-uper H-igh I-ntensity T-raining list.

Holy Roller came out to plant the flag. Just a mere 3 days after knee replacement. Recovery from any surgery is hard, but one that requires your movement through pain to break down scar tissue for range of motion is even harder (in my limited experience.) So, shout out to him. You are an inspiration.

Until next time.

-Captain Crunchberry

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