BB – The Agony at the County – 10/21/2021 – Aerobie Q

DeVitto, AirRaid, Abacus, Trebek, NanMoore, Banana Peel (DR), OctoDad, Jerry McGuire, Cochran, Aerobie (Q), and
F3 runners (busting out a cool 5-miler with hill work): Giselle, Cratchitt, BigBird, Jolly Rancher, Meter Maid

Since this was my 55th B-day on 10/21, I gave a title to the workout we did at the County, calling it the “Red Rocker” as in the Sammy Hagar tune “I can’t drive 55.”  This session was a classic pearls on a string workout – running or traversing various distances being the string and a variety of upper body, core, and lower body exercises as the pearls.  It was easy to plan, not easy to do. 

COP:  SSH, Toy soldiers, Grass Grabbers, Imperial Walkers, Down Dog/various stretching, Break dancers (if you were not there, I or someone who was can bust out these moves at a future F3 workout)

Thang 1:  starting with a 400 m run and 5 burpees, we went up the ladder, each time decreasing the distance and increasing the burpees by 5 for a couple rounds, then we made our way back down the ladder in opposite fashion to where we had started

Thang 2:  a series of traverses (bear crawl, karaoke, sprint) to the 50 m cone one-way and jogging back the other way, and in between the traverses we did break dancers, lbc’s, coupon curls/presses

As 6:15 was inching closer, we ended with a shortened Jack Webb (named for his little brother, TJ Webb whom I learned about while perusing the archives) using a 1:3 ratio – counting up to 10:30 of dolphin merkins:air presses/paula abduls, overhead claps

A good time was had by all hopefully, or if nothing else we all got better together! 

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