BB 10/28/21 Agony @ County – AirRaid VQ & Ghost Q

Weather:  Cool, about 48 deg  

Pax: Crockpot, Cowboy, Bulletin (R), Cochran, Honey Do, Mama’s Boy, Gilligan, Alexa, Rocky, Viking, Brown Water, DeVitto, Timeshare, Flex Seal, Jolly Rancher, Captain Crunchberry, Virginia Slims, Fungi, Cratchit.

COP:  Side Stradel Hops, Toy Soldiers, Grass Grabbers, Downward Dog, Merkins, Michael Phelps

We divided into two groups.  One group started with Thang1 exercises, other one started with Thang2 exercises.   After each exercise, we did a 1/4 mile lap around the school, and then switched to other Group for different kind of exercise. Some of the Pax did their own 4 or 5 mile run.

Thang 1  – with coupon

10 Man Makers

20 Overhead Presses

30 Curls

40 Rows – 20 each side

50 Bench press

60 Coupon squats

Thang 2:

10 Pull ups

20 Merkins

30 Dips

40 LBCs

50 Flutter kicks

60 Low Scissors

Time ran out before most of us could finish all the exercises, but we did get plenty of running around the school!

Thanks for y’all welcoming me as VQ!   It was fun making up some exercises.

CoR, NoR, Announcements and Intentions were done too.

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