Backblast – Moonshiner @ Boondocks – Captain Crunchberry Q – 11.11.2021

Weather: Clear, clam, and comfortable. Hovering at about 50 degrees.

PAX: Honey Do, Virginia Slims, Cratchit, Tidwell, Buckshot, Single Source, Chochran, Timeshare, Brown Water, Yankovic, and Smokie (FNG).

COP: Toy Soldiers, Kendra Newmans, Michael Phelps, and a runners stretch.

One and only THANG:

A ladder. We moseyed with coupons to the first crosswalk. The ladder consisted of 10 Burpees, 20 Overhead Press, 30 Skull Crushers, 40 Squats, 50 Curls.

Complete 10 Burpees, then mosey to the concession stand. At the concession stand, complete 10 (each leg) step-ups. Mosey back.

Complete 10 Burpees, 20 Overhead Press, mosey back to the concession stand. Complete 10 (each leg) step-ups. Mosey back.



After completing the first round of Skull Crushers, I gave the PAX the option to modify to include a combination of overhead claps along with the Skull Crushers.

When time got close, we moseyed back to the starting point.

MARY consisted of Gas Pumps, American Hammers, Big Boy Sit Ups, Flutter Kicks, and LBC’s.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Monthly ruck, new BO at The Patriot.

No specific intentions mentioned, and I closed us out with a little prayer of thankfulness for the group surrounding me. You push me to be better, and for that I’m thankful.

-Captain Crunchberry.

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