Backblast – 1.17.2022 – Motivator @ The Abyss – Captain Crunchberry Q

This morning was windy, cold, and a little icy. It was glorious. It was the things legendary workouts are made of. I arrived first, and started sweating immediately. See, I never said I got there real early. Where was everyone? Will this be my first solo Q? Moments later Jolly Rancher and Glowsticks pulled in, like they parked a ways out, and decided to pull in together at the very last minute. But wait, F-Stop didn’t get the memo, he arrived just as we started to circle up for COP.

As we stood on the basketball court for COP the wind was cutting. I knew it was cold out, but man, after exiting a warm vehicle, that wind was a tough pill to swallow. We got started with some Side Straddle Hops, Abe Vigodas – I mean Toy Soldiers, then Abe Vigodas, some more SSHs, and then some Kendra Newmans and Michael Phelps.

A short mosey to the tennis courts for the first THANG, a little ice skating. While the majority of the roadways leading to The Abyss were clear, or at least easily passable, the actual Abyss wasn’t touched. I thought the tennis court would provide a “safe” working environment. I thought it would have just a little traction, hoping it hadn’t been compacted. It did. We did 4 corners, with Mountain Climbers (extremely hard to do on ice,) Monkey Humpers, Merkins, and Squats. We started with 10 at each corner, and increased by 10 each round, up to 40.

We then moseyed to the covered area for the next THANG. A slight variation on a triple nickel. We did 3 exercises, 5 times, then ran a lap around the playground. The three exercises were Dips, Glut Bridge, and Step Ups (5 each leg). We completed 5 rounds. We then moved on to MARY.

For MARY we did a few move glut bridges, LBCs, Flutter Kicks, American Hammers, and Nolan Ryans.

ANNOUNCEMENTS / INTENTIONS – Banquet: Fill in the form even if you don’t plan to attend, so you can cast a ballot for the random awards. Ruck: Sign up if you haven’t. No intentions, so I closed out with a short prayer.

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