Back Blast 06/07/2022 Tues. – Planetarium @ the Boondocks – Virginia Slims VQ

Disclaimer was given at 0530 with COR totaling 16 PAX. Weather held with no precipitation. 66F and a gentle breeze.

COP: SSH (IC) x20, Downward Dog + variations, Kendra Newman’s front/back, Michael Phelps, SSH (IC) x20


  1. First Nations/Native American/Indian Run AKA Tour de Boondocks. Paved trail to parking lot, loop baseball diamonds back to startex. Man at back 10 LBC’s was the plan. With 16 PAX (including some sprinters) the exercise at the back was quickly modified. Stopped at each of the 3 cones along the route. 20 Squats, 20 step ups (each leg), 20 curls depending on location.
  2. Carry coupon from startex to basketball court. With so many PAX we had to line up on the long side of the court 🙂 Curls/coupon press on opposite sides with carrying coupon across the short distance of the court. 40-30-20-10 reps for each exercise. Jolly complained (surprise, surprise) that the concrete was wet during our first set. Miraculously, after our second set, there was a t-shirt shaped area that was dry for him to exercise on! Air presses to show you’re finished. Checking the time I realized we had plenty of it for another run so Swag led the PAX back to the trail.
  3. Rinse and repeat of Thang 1 with copperhead squats (IC)x20 this cycle. Step ups x20 total and instead of heading to startex for curls, looped back pickup the 6 and head to cone 1. Copperhead squats IC x20 again, then step ups x 20, running back to basketball courts.

3 minutes of Mary was more of a learning experience than I expected. I had a prior counting hiccup with curls and it showed it’s head again while we did LBC’s (IC) x20. I started counting erroneously as evidenced by the lack of PAX counting. I asked Holy Roller what rep number we were on and he seemed just as confused as I was. Focker saved the day with a quick education and I reset and continued LBC’s with a count more familiar to the confused PAX. By Rip’s estimation, we completed 37 LBC’s which was probably about right. Holy Roller closed out Mary with burpee with varying hold times and speed. Time called.

Count off, NoR, CoT

Holy Roller’s group working on housing solutions for victims of human trafficking. Prayers for grace for those in opposition. June ruck is July 1st, Captain Crunchberry mentioned to consider uses for $ from trash for cash. Closed with a thanks for making the choice to show up, be present, be accountable, and love for what F3 does for PAX and how the outcome of a day is often determined by time in the gloom. Thanks for the opportunity to lead and for the PAX of F3 Louisville! Our Father and done. VS

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