The Stable 11/10/2022

Great morning in the high rent district with The Stable boys! Clear skies, little wind, and upper 40’s – what more did we need? I set my alarm early when traveling to the Stable to give me extra time and not come in the parking lot on two wheels. I got nervous when at 0524 I still had seen no PAX. 0525 proved the magic number as FlexSeal, Viking, Depends all started rolling in. I started briefing the PAX at 0530 and had a few stragglers sneak in. Objective was simple today – today we run.

Started with some SSH and Downward Dog with all variations. It was at this point I was reminded that any exercise which flexes my wrist also triggers Siri on my watch. Siri was having a hard time understanding me ITG. Explained that today’s weinke primarilly involved running throughout the Hillcrest neighborhood across the street with exercises OYO at the intersections. I told PAX I had my phone on my person should we need it for any purpose (which I try to do now whenever leaving close proximity to the startex). While Maytag was quick to suggest that he and Viking would definitely see us at the startex at 0615 and possibly not any other point during the weinke, all pounded asphalt for the duration.

All 13 PAX crossed the street and ran the neighborhood with reckless abandon. I had mapped a rough path from my phone and added several courts and circles as we went. Intersections and cul de sacs consisted of LBC’s, Big Boys, calf raises, squats, and lunges. Frequent stops to exercise largely kept the pack together or within reason. We picked up the 6 before exiting Hillcrest.

Arrived at startex/endex at 0609 ready for Mary. The Stable boys have their priorities straight so after FlexSeal’s eye contact required Pickle Pounders, Sewanee took us home with Saturday Nights to ensure range of motion.

COR, NOR Announcements, intentions. Ended with an Our Father.

Thanks to FlexSeal for inviting me out – I always enjoy my time at the Stable. Great AO demonstrating great leadership.

Virginia Slims

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