BB – Patty Q – The Baptizer at the Garden – 1/13/2023

Today’s Q would be a special one. They say you are the average of the 5 people you surround yourself with. Well the 19 that posted today would showcase that the Garden is a group you want to be around! 0525 and the Pax was circling up and stretching with the occasional fist bump, and our FNG would be none other than my own Dad coming to join in the Gloom. What a moment and a special memory.

0530 hit – F3 Spotify Playlist started- Disclaimer was given – we started the mosey to the pavement cross

Wide Right
Mom Suit
Wax On
Natty Light
Edward Scissorhands
Diane Dukes
Virginia Slims
Glow Sticks
Sgt Hulka
FNG – Utters
Tex Mex
Patty Q

Merkins – OMD – 10x
Arm stretch / Michael Phelps

Picked up Coupons to drop of workout location

Main Thang – Partner/Hill/Coupon work:

Partners will work together to go down the list of exercises. Start with 10 BB in the middle location and then each partner splits up – one goes uphill and one goes to the Coupons. Does first exercise on the board, and meets back in the middle for more 10 BB. Then the partners switch and going to the opposite location to do that first exercise and return to the middle for more BB. Keep this rhythm and move down the board until complete.

Partner 1 – Jog uphill to Baptizer – Exercise
Partner 2 – Jog to coupons – Exercise

10 Big Boys in between each set and switch

The Uphill WO list:

  • 10 merkins
  • 20 Squats
  • 30 flutters (IC – 4 count)
  • 40 Mountain Climbers (IC – 4 count)
  • 50 LBC

The Coupon WO List:

  • 10 MM
  • 20 Thruster
  • 30 Skull Crusher
  • 40 Overhead Press
  • 50 Curls

Returned our coupons and held plank until 0615

COR – 19

NOR – FNG Utters

Announcements – Jan Ruck

Intentions – Cardinal, May he rest in peace and for all the family and friends

I am so appreciative of F3 and for all it has given me. The opportunity to be surrounded by HIM, to get healthy in mind, body, and spirit, and for this opportunity THIS MORNING to come full circle and workout in the Gloom with my Dad. It is a circle because 1 year ago, my Dad was the one who sent me an article in the Oldham County newspaper about a group of men who workout in the morning before everyone wakes up no matter the weather. God must have been at work at that time because there was a lot of moving parts. Our brother Yankovic wrote the article, that Bulletin shared it on Facebook, where my Dad reads it and shares it to me. I read that article, met the Pax at the Patriot, and never looked back. Like I said earlier, I am appreciative and give thanks every day for this group and feel lucky to be a part of it.

I will be sure to keep SYITG fellas!


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