BB – PCI Q – The Nest @ The County – 1/14/23

My second Q. Lots of pre-runners today, and many stuck around for the beatdown.

About a year ago, I was running on the strip in Vegas one fine morning, and a very large woman said hello to me. I greeted her in return and kept on my merry way. That afternoon, she “followed” me on Strava and sent a note thanking me for being the only person who said hello to her that day. She had got up that morning, told herself her days of being overweight and out of shape were at an end, and proceeded to walk a marathon, which took her most of the day. Earlier this week she posted a picture of her progress since that day, and it is AMAZING what hard work and dedication can accomplish. Michelle follows many runners on Strava, and some of us follow her back, and I have enjoyed watching her story unfold. I like to think that those of us congratulating her along the way have helped to propel her. I thought of her as I planned this Dora workout. The F3 crew here in Louisville propels me, and I’m grateful for it. So to show my gratitude, we:

Warmed up – Mosey, Side straddle hops, grass gabbers, toy soldiers, hillbilly’s.

Dora: off-partner moseys a short out and back or bear crawls up the ramp while on-partner exercises. Pelican provided the bada** music.

300 x curls, 300 x dips, 300 x chest press, 300 x merkins, 300 x squats. Little extra running after the merkins.

Ended w Mary and COT.

Big Bird
Captain Crunchberry
Honey Do
Air Raid (R)
Jolly Rancher
Wide Right
Tammy Faye Baker
Yankovic (R)
Double Down (R)
Double Pump


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