BB – PCI Q – Pleasantville Black Ops – 4/3/23

YHC usually runs the easy mile from home to PVille, but slacked off and drove in this morning.

4/3/23 Attendance: Harry Caray, Dot (R), Jolly Rancher, PCI (Q)

COP – A good showing of 4 non-spring-break-travelers, so I decided to keep the workout in one place after a warmup lap around the park. Did some grass grabbers, toy soldiers (in cadence?), arm circles and Michael Phelps, then headed down to the Amphitheater for our Main Thang:

8 levels of the Amphitheater, so at each level:

Round 1: 15xMerkins, 15xSquats, run back around to return.

Round 2: 15xDips, 15x Lunges (single count), run back around to return.

Round 3: 15xIncline Merkins, 15xStep-Ups (single count).

Move on to MRAP for Core Work:

Push is the guy who bear crawls up the Amphitheater and runs around to return. Exercises were Big Boys, LBC’s, Freddy Mercury, and Flutter Kicks until all had crawled/ran. That left exactly 1 minute to plank til 0615.

Sky Q prayer to close it out, and headed home to our sleeping-in families. Awesome to finally Q at this AO that was my first F3 workout in July ’22.

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