The Patriot – 05/19/2023

I’ve been planning this weinke for weeks, nay months. Single Source has a different recollection of events but he won’t be there anyway to challenge me. His story includes an episode where he and Swag were discussing Tuesday the need for a Q tomorrow and Swag asked me to cover. While some of these events may have happened, I had been orchestrating that moment since late-2022. Look, I’m not taking credit for Patty’s M becoming pregnant, him taking over Commz Q, becoming too busy to be site-Q because he’s doing “a phenomenal job” and preparing for his 10th child, Patty bribing Single Source to takeover site-Q duties at the Patriot (and not The Boondocks which is literally in Single’s back yard!), Single loosing a Q this Friday due to “work commitments”, me strategically running near Single and Swag while running “V” formation during Edward Scissorhands burner on Tuesday, me paying off Swag with phony discount codes for Go Ruck so he would ask me to Q…I’ve said to much. Patriot. 0530. Coupons. Running shoes. Willingness. Determination. Heartbreak Hill. SYITG.

Virginia Slims

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