PB Cloverfield @ The Garden Thursday 07.01.21 – Q Wide Right

Rain might come tomorrow to The Garden and I expect you do the same. Rain might help to bring temperature down and I’ll do my best to keep our heart rates up. There are coupons at The Garden now, so, if you feel comfortable using them, you do not need to bring yours. Just bringContinue reading “PB Cloverfield @ The Garden Thursday 07.01.21 – Q Wide Right”

Backblast BO The Garden Anniversary 3.6.21

Great morning for a great celebration day at The Garden. 2nd Anniversary and Jewel, Domino and myself were humbly picked by our fellow Gardeners to lead the WO. Despite knowing well in advance, our schedules were tight and we could not get together for a good planning session. So, we decided to allow the PaxContinue reading “Backblast BO The Garden Anniversary 3.6.21”

PreBlast – The Cliffs @ The Garden 10.27.20 – Ghost Q

Well I looked at the calendar and said “Hey Ghost Q, how about a little info, you know, about the workout.”  And the Ghost Q said “There will be limited running and you will need a coupon, and when the workout is complete, you will have a full body burn and limited oxygen in yourContinue reading “PreBlast – The Cliffs @ The Garden 10.27.20 – Ghost Q”

BB – Cliff at The Garden 08.25.20 IPC prep. Mogadishu Mile

As mentioned in the Pre-Blast, The Garden PAX kept practicing towards IPC starting next week. For this morning I picked a modified version of The Mogadishu Mile (shared earlier in the year during the Weekend Warrior Challenge). PAX (time of completion after the name): Catfish – 22:07 Uncle Rico – 25:41 Domino – 27:32 FructoseContinue reading “BB – Cliff at The Garden 08.25.20 IPC prep. Mogadishu Mile”

Pre-Blast Cliffs @ The Garden – 08.25.2020 IPC prep

Week 0 WO for IPC has been released. Since The Garden is ahead of the curve, this WO was performed on 08/18. Tomorrow 08/25, we will do a modified version of the original Mogadishu Mile courtesy of Nino. This WO was performed for The Ultimate Weekend Warrior Challenge Part III and we will do itContinue reading “Pre-Blast Cliffs @ The Garden – 08.25.2020 IPC prep”