#Ruiner PreBlast — Nugget’s First Solo Q

Captain Insane-o here with a little PreBlast for F3 Louisville.  A few important announcements:

First, our F3 Louisville Logo was recently approved by the mother-ship and the presale is going on now.  Get on your internet machine and order here .

Second, this is Nugget’s First Solo Q and we want it to be a real #Ruiner.  Good chance it’ll be sloppy as we’re getting the backside of Cindy Friday afternoon and evening.  Nothing like a little sauce with your Nugget.

Third, I’m hearing rumblings of multiple FNGs on Saturday.  Look, let’s headlock these guys.  For those of you that keep coming back, you know this is different.  Tell your brother, buddy, neighbor — hell the guy you can’t stand that needs to have his merlot spilled — that this is everything it is.  And next time we see a rival gang of fitness dudes, we’re assimilating them on the spot.

Finally, go sleeveless Saturday for our fallen F3LexSC brother Cheech, who passed away Thursday leaving his wife and two children.

See you at 0700 in the #gloom for the #ruiner.

CI out CI



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