Back Blast-Bringing Back the Beach #F3 Louisville

new F3 banner (PAO Saturday)

QIC: Quimby

Pax (27):  Old bay, Newman, Face, Captain Insano, Double down, Water boy, Backdraft, Zelda, Tiger, Nugget, Methane, Cardinal, FNG – Little Smokie, The Hammer, Diablo, Mayberry, Gipetto, Mouth

BobRoss, Moonlight, Hobs, KidnApper Van, FNG-Tornado, Trump, Cutlass, Wham!

With 2 new FNG’s – Little Smokie and Tornado (Youngest in Town!)


FIRST—Shout out to my youngest son Henry for rocking the day with us. He is coming up on nine years old and had been begging to join me for weeks.  He was great and earned his name, “Tornado”, while assuming the flag of youngest F3’er in town!

We circled around the Flag and knocked out the following to prepare for our tour of our AO.

Downward Dog – make sure heels on the ground 30 seconds

Left forward-stretch right leg heel down 30 seconds

Right forward-stretch left leg heel down 30 seconds

Side Straddle Hops – 20 in cadence

Hillbilly Squats – 15 in cadence

Lung Jumps – 20 Total

The Thang 1!

In a shout out to the #F3 Hampton fellas, we broke up into 5 groups and carried “Beach Bags” while cruising over to what will go forth as Mt. Quimby. Don’t let the bag hit the ground until we are finished conquering the Mountain.  (If the beach bags hit the ground, then so does the Pax-knocking out 5 Burpees for each infraction.) The Pax crushed an inverted Suicide Run from the Top to the Bottom of Mt. Quimby with 10 cones as their target with top to bottom roughly 150 yards.  We caught our breath and then moved on to our next stop on the tour…

The Thang 2!

The Pax circled up with coupons galore on the field hockey field. The Q allowed the beach bags to hit the ground, but changed the game and said keep the coupons off the ground for the rest of the workout.  The coupons were spaced out every other man, with one Paxer holding a football and busting out high knees until we switched.  We then proceeded to fast roll around the circle changing the workouts for those holding the coupons and those holding air.  Coupon holders busted out squats, lunges, curls, presses, two foot hop, left foot hop, right foot hop, back pulls and so on.  The air holders busted out Merkins, squats, lunges, burpess, LBC’s, Freddy Mercury’s, Side Straddle Hops, Bobby Hurley’s, Scissors and Flutters.

The Thang 3!

I didn’t have a Frisbee, so the Pax played Ultimate Football instead. Same great rules, different object to throw.  Football hits the ground, then so does the PAX, giving out 3 burpees each time.  The game ebbed and flowed (more ebb than flow at this point in the day), but ultimately someone scored and we wrapped up the morning.

We ended with the COT and Name-o-Rama. We took some intentions and I read off some quotes from George Carlin, the great comedian and philosopher.  Celebrate the air we breathe, love on your little ones and be a long shadow.

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