The Rooster Backblast–It wasn’t blackjack, but we rolled alot of 21’s in the gloom

The Rooster Conditions:  Clear Skies and temps in the 20’s…21 degrees to be exact. As i struggled with ideas for the morning, i kept looking at the temperature and it occurred to me that was the best place to start was with 21, as in degrees.  Be glad my Q wasn’t in the gloom forContinue reading “The Rooster Backblast–It wasn’t blackjack, but we rolled alot of 21’s in the gloom”

5/24/18-The Extender BackBlast: Quimby-Mayor or one of three…?

The Extender Conditions:  Clear Skies and Bright Fireball rising in the East, 62 degrees with slight Southerly winds. Q:  Quimby Pax (20):  Fergy; Sump Pump; Wham-o; Cowbell; Sherpa; Tiger; Buschhhh; Gepetto; Tureen; Mouth; Steerage; Left Eye; Duplo; Glen Ross; Backdraft; Wendy; Wedding Singer; Fridge; Zoolander; Scratch COP: Slow jog around HT to side parking lot 10 BOYO’sContinue reading “5/24/18-The Extender BackBlast: Quimby-Mayor or one of three…?”

Rooster backblast Vanilla-Straight Vanilla at The Rooster

Weather at the Rooster-Cold with slight wind Comments/Questions The Pax was restless and doubted my abilities. I had to reintroduce myselt to some and meet others for the first time. Where have you been? Where is the music? Do you know what you’re doing? Seems pretty vanilla out here. Are you sure? Why? Q  Continue reading “Rooster backblast Vanilla-Straight Vanilla at The Rooster”

01/11/13 Backblast – #The Extender EH* at the Mutt

Vanilla, Plain Vanilla! The Q had been sick for weeks and was just looking to get back to form as quickly as possible.  My Pax experienced plain vanilla this morning in the gloom.  Nothing fancy, nothing exotic.  I didn’t dress up or play some nice dance music…. It was just p-l-a-in v-a-ni-l-l-a… The Q:  Quimby TheContinue reading “01/11/13 Backblast – #The Extender EH* at the Mutt”

12/23 – Q Backblast (better late than never) @F3TheMutt

Q – Quimby Pax (7):  Zoolander; Backdraft; Whamo; FNG-Black Mamba (County Boy’s youngest 2.0 and youngest member of F3 Louisville!); Country Boy; Tureen and Busch Conditions:  45 and no rain, then rain, then no rain, then rain! Well, there I am wondering if anyone, anyone, anyone will show up for my holiday Q.  I amContinue reading “12/23 – Q Backblast (better late than never) @F3TheMutt”

11/23 Mutt -Turkey Day Backblast

  Q-Quimby PAX: Scratch, Tornado, Tanner, Zoolander, Hansel, Trump, Nugget, Sea bass, Zartan, KY (Charlotte visitor), Tiger, Country boy, Gipetto, Ice man (Respect), Gillespie, Red roof, OJ, Water boy, Whamo, Happy Fingers, Wham!, Busch, Air Heart (Greensboro visitor), Forced Close, Loco, Bean Counter,         Glen Ross, Tureen, Cardinal, Digiorno, Mad cow, Flipper (FNG), Giraffe (FNG), BarronContinue reading “11/23 Mutt -Turkey Day Backblast”

10/21/17 – The Mutt Mystery Tour Backblast

So I had the Q and I thought I would go the antithesis to CI, who spent 2 weeks studying with some Yogi’s (not Berra) deep in the mountains of India for our Wednesday OPS.  As of Midnight Friday, I was going to go to the MUTT in complete Shaggy  and Scooby mode, you know,Continue reading “10/21/17 – The Mutt Mystery Tour Backblast”

Backblast: Oh Mutt–You complete me!

FROM TO   I recommend the MUTT for all that ails you! Q-Quimby PAX: Cool hand Luke, Country boy, Tureen, Digiorno, Tiger, Zoolander, Jason Bigg (FNG) Juicy, Doubt Fire, Francis, Moonlight, Bumblebee, Busch, Double wide, Zartan, Gipetto WARM UPS Mosey the long way around to side of school by Portico Round up Downward Dog Upward DogContinue reading “Backblast: Oh Mutt–You complete me!”

Back Blast-Bringing Back the Beach #F3 Louisville

QIC: Quimby Pax (27):  Old bay, Newman, Face, Captain Insano, Double down, Water boy, Backdraft, Zelda, Tiger, Nugget, Methane, Cardinal, FNG – Little Smokie, The Hammer, Diablo, Mayberry, Gipetto, Mouth BobRoss, Moonlight, Hobs, KidnApper Van, FNG-Tornado, Trump, Cutlass, Wham! With 2 new FNG’s – Little Smokie and Tornado (Youngest in Town!) COP: FIRST—Shout out toContinue reading “Back Blast-Bringing Back the Beach #F3 Louisville”

Pre Blast – Bringing Back the Beach

Old Bay and I went to Va Beach to rest, relax and maybe meet some new friends from F3 Hampton Roads at Mt. Trashmore.  Thanks to Captain Insane-O and his “friendly” banter, we suffered a beat down the likes that has never been seen before or since.  SO, we’re bringing back the beach!  The Devil mayContinue reading “Pre Blast – Bringing Back the Beach”

2017 JUMPAPALOOZA #F3 Louisville Breaking News-Mayor Quimby’s a leg man #27PAX

VQ- Quimby PAX-Bobross, Old Bay, Little Jerry, Wham!, Nugget, Trump, Star Child, Captain Insane-o, Fall guy, Waterboy, Tiger, Zoolander, Zartan, Kidnapper Van, Kragthorpe (FNG), Cardinal, Methane, Nomo, Jordy, Pope, Red Roof, Bullrider, Double Down, Face, Cutlass, The Hammer Holy Smokes!  To all future Q’s, don’t forget you have to do the workout also.  I amContinue reading “2017 JUMPAPALOOZA #F3 Louisville Breaking News-Mayor Quimby’s a leg man #27PAX”


In honor of House of Pain (Jump around, Jump around), Van Halen (JUMP!) and Kriss/Kross (is going to make you, Jump, Jump), let’s get ready for 2017’s JUMPAPALOOZA.  Head Lock some FNG’s, grab your jump rope and join me at my debut at Q.  Signed–Mayor for Life, Mayor Quimby   Who:  All F3 Louisville Men and FNG’s.  GrabContinue reading “WELCOME TO JUMPAPALOOZA”