The Rooster Backblast–It wasn’t blackjack, but we rolled alot of 21’s in the gloom


The Rooster

Conditions:  Clear Skies and temps in the 20’s…21 degrees to be exact.

As i struggled with ideas for the morning, i kept looking at the temperature and it occurred to me that was the best place to start was with 21, as in degrees.  Be glad my Q wasn’t in the gloom for the Blender…temperature at 5:30 to be 48 degrees….

Q:  Quimby

Pax (16):  Sherpa; Messi; Sump Pump; Tiger; Buschhhh; Gepetto; Glen Ross; Captain Insano; Biggie; Deuce; Snowman; Miyagi; Blueprint; Plumb Bob; Maze; Pepporni


Slow jog around HT to Portico

21 SSH

21 Slow Squats

21 Grass Grabbers

Upward Dog

Downward Dog

Shoulder Stretches

Kendra Newman’s

21 SSH


Paired up

A-AMRAP Merkins while B ran across parking lot and did 21 Lunges-rinse and repeat X 3

A Wall Sit while B ran across parking lot and did 21 plank jacks-rinse and repeat X 3

A Plank while B ran across parking lot and did 21 LBC’s


A little jog to behind the MUPB for some Coupon work

A 21 Coupon Curls while B Butt Kicks-rinse and repeat X 2

A 21 Coupon Presses while B Squats-rinse and repeat X 2

A 21 Coupon Rows while B SSH-rinse and repeat X 2

Circle up for Mary

Flutters; Scissors; Gas Pumps; American Hammer and my favorite, spell QUIMBY (left off the MAYOR) to finish up!


Rounded up and counted off

Nameorama:  Buschhh clued us in to the origin of his moniker… I liked the college version better………..

Intentions:  Lifted up all those who are struggling.  A friend who is recovering from triple bypass and and a HIM who is starting out on his career path with several interviews this week.  We lifted up all those said and unsaid and thank the man above for the many blessings we have in our lives.  I have not been as active in the group (for really the last 10 months or so), but always enjoy the group and NEVER regret making it out.  Keep doing good deeds, leading others with a long shadow and showing patience at home  with your 2.0’s and better halfs.  God Bless.  Quimby

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