9/6/17 Back-blast #Poshlands #ToolTimeVQ #CouponsAndRunningAndMaryAndFellowshipAndFaith

Staying true to his F3 name Tool time came prepared with tools for all in #theGloom this morning.  Immediately at 05:30 tool time opened the hatch of his SUV and began passing out coupons and gloves for everyone.  Tool time is always prepared, and when a Q is prepared it usually spells doom for the #PAX.

16 PAX 1 FNG Q Tool Time, Kilo, Methane, MacAfee, Star Child, Bob Ross, Newman, Mr. Hat, Uncle Rico, Double Down, FogHorn (FNG), Forced Close, Nugget, Dynomite!, Little Jerry, Glaucoma

Short jog to the parking lot by egg lawn for warm up

In cadence

20 Abe Vigodas

20 SSH

20 Imperial Walkers

20 mountain climbers



split into 2 teams for a race around the egg lawn.  Each headed in opposite direction stopping at every 4th light post for some fun.

10 Merkins

10 Lunges

somehow little fast little Jerry finished 10 minutes before everyone else.  That dude is fast.

Thang2 coupon rally

partner up

partner 1 Bernie sanders 50 yards does 10 of assigned exercise and runs back.  While parter 2 begins exercise with coupon.  Continue until team has completed 100 reps of coupon exercise.


100 shoulder press / Sumo squat

100 derkins / lunges

100 curls / mountain climbers

100 back rows / plank jacks


Run back to flag with coupons to burn out with some Mary.





Freddy mercurys

reverse crunch


an absolute killer VQ by ToolTime.  We ended with a prayer and intentions for a friend of methanes who’s having medical issues.  A special S/O to Nugget who has continued to demonstrate what commitment looks like, coming to WO with a bum knee and doing what he can to #GetBetter.







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